Women Orgasm Without Penetration Part 1

Women Orgasm without penetration
Women Orgasm without penetration kamasutra.one

Women deserve to reach the peak of their sexual potential! Sad but true, few ever do. It seems a fantasy to women to have a few orgasms during sex let alone more.
The same can be said about the quality of their climaxes, so tell me have you ever orgasmed so hard during sex? Or have you ever make your women squirt, scream or passed out? Yet almost every woman has the potential to achieve orgasms in both the quality and quantity I have just described—as long as their partner knows how to make it happen!

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Table of Contents

Caution sign with finger kamasutra.one

This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

Have It In Mind Penis Size Is Irrelevant

I love you anyway baby kamasutra.one
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Men’s obsession with the size of their dicks is frankly laughable. Some men feel so insecure that they spend thousands of dollars to enlarge their penises. Really dude?
Have you ever thought if fingers, lips, and tongue can give earth-shaking pleasure to a woman, how is it possible the much larger four-inch or 10 centimeter penis can’t?
So stop thing about the size of your penis and keep reading!

Get Rid Of Any Distractions

no distraction for lovemaking kamasutra.one
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Get the kids out of the house. Turn off the phones. Put the dog in a kennel. Go to a cabin or get a hotel room. Whatever you do, make sure you won’t be interrupted.

Make Her Feel Comfortable and Sexy

make her feel sexy kamasutra.one
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Women worry about their appearance or self-image all the time. They have a great capacity for self-destruction by constantly saying,” my boobs are too small, why aren’t they small? They’re too big or they’re uneven”. You know no woman is happy with her body, and if you notice these things too, no matter how long or how much you try you can never make her cum!

Your job is to make sure she knows you don’t give a shit about them and tell her that she’s the sexiest woman in the world.

You can give her these words,” you have the most beautiful and delicious lips in the world”, “oh baby your booty turns me on” or “I want to have those beautiful boobs so baaaaaad”. Easy huh?

Carry Her

carry her to the bedroom kamasutra.one
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If you can, carry her in your arms and put her gently down again if she prefers to get to the bedroom on her own feet. Being lifted is arousing for many women because it gives them the masculine demonstration feeling that can allow her to really surrender to her own passion.

Every Woman Is Different

kiss her neck passionately kamasutra.one
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Some women find leather to be a turn-on. Others like whips and chains, S&M, feathers, fur, scented candles, whipped cream, music, porn, foreign languages, food, role-playing, costumes, champagne, negligees, sex toys, sex games, being bound and blind-folded, and every other conceivable thing under the sun. Every woman has different tastes in bed. Your job is to find out what turns her on and give it to her.

10 Things You Need To Consider To Make Her Cum

Don’t Rush

Don’t Rush in sex kamasutra.one
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Stop being selfish and don’t think about your erection and your need to ejaculate. She should be the center of attention, turn her on with your lips, tongue, nose, fingers, hands, and whatever else you may have handy.
Women need time to warm up and get aroused to the point where they become multi-orgasmic. Do you know what is the secret excite her to the point she becomes multi-orgasmic? Answer is simple-take your time. Explore her body. Make her climax repeatedly within a duration you can handle. Can you only spend a half hour pleasuring her? Then do so.
Can you do it for an hour? Excellent. Can you devote two hours to giving her orgasms? You’ll be her hero.

Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

women need foreplay kamasutra.one
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Most of the orgasms are the result of foreplay and penis had very little to do with it. If you want to be a great lover, you’ve got to focus on foreplay, such as fingering or eating her out, breast play and keep up that foreplay before, in between, and after penetrating.
Foreplay must give women multiple orgasms, and above all, take a looooong time!

Following the techniques in this website will make her climax faster and more often, but the point is not to get her off so that you can move on to your own climax; the point is to make a feeling of euphoria for her over and over and over before your penis gets anywhere near her vagina. In the other word you should make her want your penis by every part of her body. Let me tell you how!


fondle her kamasutra.one
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From cuddling, start to caress her more sexually. Squeeze her buttocks and gently rub her pussy and nipples. Keep this up for at least several minutes— you want this to be the opening stage of serious foreplay.

Nuzzling Her Neck

Nuzzling her Neck kamasutra.one
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Nuzzling the neck is one of the best ways to turn on a woman. Have your face so close to such a sensitive area tickles and turns her on. Let your breaths touches her skin. Kiss her neck all over.
Rub your lips, nose, and face on both sides of her neck and her chest. You can also lick, nibble, and gently suck on her skin. Start whispering dirty words or romantic words (depends what type of women you’ve got) in her ear. From this point you can make her moan!

Blowing and Kissing Her Down

Blowing and kissing her down kamasutra.one
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For many women, blowing air onto certain body parts can be a turn-on. Gently blow on her neck, breasts, navel and genitals. If your face is close to her anus, gently blow on it and you can also kiss her down to her vulva let her feel your breath on it.
Let me tell you how to turn her on by being a tease: settle yourself into a position where she expects you to do something—and then don’t do it. For instance, sit between her legs as if you’re about to give her oral sex. Start kissing and blowing all over her entire pubic area, but don’t actually touch her vulva.

Lick and kiss her inner thighs and then her genitals. Touch her clitoris with your nose as you pass. Kiss up to her belly button or down to her knees or to her toes, you can lick and suck her toes and then lick up again.
Keep up the contact everywhere but her genitals. It will drive her absolutely wild. Don’t be surprised if she starts begging you to lick her, eat her, make her come, etc. Keep teasing her and drive her even crazier. It’s up to you!


play with her tits kamasutra.one
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Let’s start by focusing on what men have fantasized about since the dawn of time: breasts.
Men love breasts, but they don’t always give them the love and attention their ladies want. Fix that now. Take your time kissing, licking, blowing, and gently sucking them.

Knead them, squeeze them, rub them, caress them, and pinch them. Ask her what she wants you to do with them—and then do it. Gently rub your fingers around her nipples in a circular motion. Play with those marvelous orbs, the objects of our lifelong affection and obsession.

Kiss and suck one nipple while squeezing the other. Put your face between them, kissing and licking the space between and all around them. Circle her nipples and areolas with your tongue. Suck or gently bite them. End with a gentle kiss or suck on the nipples.

Pubic Area

Pubic Area kamasutra.one
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The female pubic area where the pubic hair is located above the vulva, is another sensitive area we men often ignore on the way to her vagina. Putting pressure on this area while the woman is aroused actually makes it easier for her to orgasm.

Note that because there’s extra padding and the pelvic bone between the internal nerve network and the surface of the pubic area, you will need to use large, firm objects to stimulate this area. Depending on your position, use your arm, leg, or anything that can firmly press down on the area while you are simultaneously kissing her, playing with her breasts, or fingering or licking her vulva.

If you are going to use your nose, face, or fingers to press into her pubic region, her pubic hair should be trimmed to a length anywhere from one-fourth to one-half inch (0.6-1.3 cm), depending on the hair’s coarseness, to avoid snagging or tangling.

Women Orgasm without penetration
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Problems can occur with very short or very long hair. If her pubic hair is very short, you can hurt yourself or scrape off the top layer of your nose from rubbing into that sandpaper.

If it’s too long, you can pull out some tangled hairs, hurting her in the process. your fingers or “gnaw” it in addition to kissing and licking in order to stimulate the deep nerves beneath the extra layer of padding in the skin.

If you are going to gnaw, cover your teeth with your lips or use a strong dental dam to avoid using your bare and sharp teeth in such a way that could hurt her or damage the skin. Gnawing on the pubic area is especially effective if your fingers are busy stimulating her G-spot from the inside at the same time.


lick Vulva in 69 position kamasutra.one
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Finally I am going to talk about the spot where all guys are most obsessed with: the vulva.
Kiss, lick, and rub her pussy. Make it wet and juicy with your saliva, or a lubricant. Let her suck your fingers while you are doing this, or get into a “69” position so she can suck your penis if she wants. Let her suck your fingers that are covered in her juices, if she enjoys the taste.

Women are capable to have multiple orgasm, if you want to give it to her (as women get dry after orgasm) make sure to keep her vagina wet with lubricant. And apply it to her vulva if she dries out to prevent chafing and pain. 


genital massage kamasutra.one
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Of the two most important areas for a woman’s sexual pleasure, the clitoris and vagina, the clitoris takes priority. If you don’t know where it is; take a look at the illustration above. It is nowhere near the vagina.

The clitoris is a bundle of nerves that is, by far, the most common source of female orgasms and is usually the only kind of orgasm most women experience before becoming sexually active. It is the female version of the penis and is incredibly sensitive. Don’t just go for it with your fingers— vigorous rubbing can really hurt her.

lick my pussy harder kamasutra.one
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Instead, slowly and lightly rub the entire region with your palm or the flat of your fingers, and then progress to gentle kisses and licking. Let her clitoris adjust to your stimulation. Its capacity to resist pain increases!

Lick the clitoris before sucking it very gently. Pull its hood back to maximize length then lick and suck it until she repeatedly orgasms. Make sure to ask your partner to tell you when you’re too rough or too hard. Give her what she wants; licking, kissing or sucking her clit.

Again, use lots of lubricant if she dries out—and keep at it. Once you find the groove of her clitoral climaxes, she’ll have a lot of them. Stimulating her clit is one of the primary ways you’ll give her multiple orgasms.


lick my vagina kamasutra.one
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Vagina is where we men always want to go right away, because this is where our penises go. But her vagina needs time to get ready for us—which is why foreplay is so important!

Take your time stimulating the other parts of her body first. After foreplay, it’s time to move down to lick her vagina, spreading her inner lips apart. Lick and suck it all with using both short and long licks. Thrust your tongue into her vagina as far as it will go, and lick the insides of her vaginal canal. Twist your tongue around and touch different areas.

Use your fingers to maximum advantage. Start with one, then two, and possibly three, fingers into her vagina. There are at least six stroking methods to fingering the vagina to achieve multiple orgasms, and each way gives different sensations. Determine what stroking style she wants:

6 Amazing Styles to Make Her Reach Orgasm Without Penetration


twist style to bang her pussy kamasutra.one
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The fingers twist as they go in and out.


spiral style to bang her pussy kamasutra.one
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The fingers are in the circular movement as they go in and out.


pump style to bang her pussy kamasutra.one
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The fingers stay only in one position as they pump in and out.


poke style to bang her pussy kamasutra.one
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The fingers consistently poke a specific are as they pump in and pout.


wiggle style to bang her pussy kamasutra.one
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The fingers wiggle together or in opposite directions as they pump in and out.


The fingers exert lateral pressure on one side of the vagina.

If she hasn’t had an orgasm yet you need to read them all over again, or just go for Women Orgasm without penetration part 2. But don’t forget to tell me if you find my post useful, or if I could change your sexual life.