Upper Back Body Massage

Upper Back Body Massage kamasutra.one
Upper Back Body Massage kamasutra.one

We all enjoy receiving massage from a very professional  masseuse or masseur. But what if you receive an erotic massage from your lover? Isn’t it more enjoyable? In this post you will be learning how to give your partner upper back body massage.

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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

How To Start Upper Back Body Massage

put your hand on his back and ass kamasutra.one
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Bend down and lay your head and chest on his back, place one of your arm over his shoulders and another over his buttocks. Enjoy a back hug and warmth. Connect again by breathing, breath out and let its vibration resound through his chest. Kneel at his side, rest the back of your hand over his sacrum and put the warm oil in the palm.

Gently rub your palms together and use both hands to lightly spread the oil with slow, sweeping, broad strokes over the back, shoulders, neck, and arms. Stay focus, breath and have confidence. Let your partner feel safe with you.

Opening The Seed Gate In Back Body Massage

Opening The Seed Gate kamasutra.one
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Stretch out a hand on the opposite side of the belly in order to touch and grasp the waist and mirror this movement with the other hand on the opposite side of the belly. Begin a slow, strong pull on the skin to the midline of the body. Without losing touch with the body, continue the stroke with each hand around to the opposite belly side.

Repeat the pulling-up motion, firmly crisscrossing the back until you have worked up to the shoulders. This motion is called opening the seed gate. When a man wears a belt, the heart center gets disconnected from the genitals. You are opening a pathway to playful sexuality.

Back Body Massage Using Arms And Elbows

massage with elbow and arms kamasutra.one
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Kneel between his legs, place the weight of your whole body in your forearms and elbows, and slide them over his back from hip to shoulders, first one side at a time, then both at the same time. Massage the buttocks with the elbow right into the hip socket.

Check whether he wants less pressure or more and thank him when he answers. Can you feel the pressure of his breath pushing up against your body weight? Ask him to breathe deeply against your steady pressure on the lungs. His breath is as important as your touch is.

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When the time is ripe, Coach him by the depth of your own breath. Discover the strength and joy by employing your breasts as massage tools. Use your elbows to come up each side of the spinal column, feeling each vertebra as you move.

Use your forearms to come back down the side body under the armpits, squeezing the chest together. Try using the back of your upper arms to pull down the sides of the neck, over the top of the shoulders. Be gentle with the soft, unprotected area of the kidneys, which are below the ribs and above the waist.

Shoulder Massage

shoulder massage kamasutra.one
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Positioned at his head and facing his feet, place your hands with full contact on his shoulder blades. On an exhale, slide down the back to his waist with your oily hands, using your body weight behind the stroke. On the inhale, pull up your hands along the sides of his body and over the tips of his shoulders.

Repeat this for several times, synchronizing your breath with your movement both away from and toward the heart. It would be nice if you match your partner’s breath. With your thumbs, make small circles down each side of the spine from the neck to the sacrum.

The thumbs should mirror each other as they circle outward from the spine. Also, try it outer edges of the shoulder blades. For making the difference you can also stroke by using the flat palm of the hand. With the elbows seated in the curve of the shoulders at the base of the neck, lean into the shoulders and vibrate.

With the smooth stroke, push the shoulders down and out toward the upper arms and reverse back to the neck. Lay down your thumb in the groove between the shoulder blade and the collarbone and pull outward from the base of the neck to the shoulder tips. Use this stroke on one side at a time, then on both at the same time.

Arm Massage

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Instruct your submissive partner to become a rag doll as you choose to move a limb, such as his arm. He is not to help you by lifting it himself. Put him in surrender mode by turning him over his body to you (though he has not lost his voice in the matter if needed).

Gently lift his arm to test him. If your partner is not passive yet, whisper in his ear that you want all of him like putty in your arms, soft and open. Hold one or both wrists a few inches above the bed, gently move his arms around from his sides to over his head.

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Wriggle the whole arm. You can free up any tension around the joints by pulling the arms away from where the shoulder joints. Softly shake out the hands. Place the arms back down, tug at his fingers.

Cup a hand over each forearm at the wrist, inhale as you slide up his arm to the heart in a continuous stroke, and exhale as you come back down. Keep stroking and experiment it with your own variations. Notice the difference when you breathe with a stroke and when you do not. Breathe while stroking, that makes them more confident, conscious, and powerful.

Head And Neck Massage Strokes

head and neck massage kamasutra.one
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For the neck and head massage, sit on your partner’s back, but don’t smash him with too much weight. Ask your partner to follow with his/her full attention to where you are touching. Naturally human mind wanders, but you shouldn’t let it happen!

Well let’s get down to business by asking him to gently return his full attention to your touch. Softly comb his/ her hair using your fingers, move slowly down closer to the roots and scalp. Rub his scalp with the pads of your fingers, starting lightly and then more roughly. Catch the hair between your fingers and pull it up. Ask him if he wants it harder.

Use your finger pads in circular motions on the scalp, it’s like you are giving him a dry shampoo. Don’t be too shy here. Gently pull the soft earlobes downward, tug the middle of the ear toward you and the top rim of the ear upward. Massage the dip behind the ear by the jawbone in a circular motion using your second and third fingers.

Pinch the back of the neck along the vertebrae between your thumbs and index fingers. Pull up on the tops of the shoulders where they meet the neck, then knead in the palm of your hands. Feel free to be naughty and lick his/her earlobe it will make him feel more relaxed and horny.

Finishing Strokes On The Back Body Massage

massage his entire body kamasutra.one
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Finish back body massage with the same full-body sweeping strokes. Kneel at his side, stroke him from head to foot with both hands in a long, continuous path down each side of the body using a light touch. Feel all of his body at once with your touch. Sense the shoulders, arms, and hands as you trace the whole body.

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I like to finish with gently resting my hands over the heart and sacrum and then lifting them off slowly. After you release your last touch, rest next to him and wait till he moves then offer a passionate hug and melt in each other’s arm.

I can feel that you even enjoy reading this. Why don’t you share this joy with your lover by giving him/her the best back body massage he/she has ever received. Comment below if your partner loves this massage!