The Stripper Fantasy Role-play

The Stripper Fantasy Role-play
The Stripper and The Customer Fantasy

You don’t really need any special things to do the stripper fantasy role-play. All you need is a sofa or chair in your living room and some sexy stripper music, which is really just any music that cooks you up. Your man should act like a gentleman in clubs, and looking for a woman who wants to show him she is sexier than any of those women. Sit him down, leave the lights down low and bring him a drink.

dance like a stripper
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Caution sign with finger

This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

How To Start The Stripper Fantasy Role-play

Put on your hot sexy clothes
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To start the stripper fantasy role-play, first you need to dress up. Go to another room, and then come out wearing a sleazy mini-dress, or low-cut shirt with a miniskirt. Underneath it, wear only a V-string, and finish the outfit with the sexiest part, heels. You don’t know what to do? That’s totally fine—just play music that makes you feel really sexy, and let it leads you.

The Best Stripper Songs

Lets make love
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If you need a guide for musicfor the stripper fantasy role-play, I’d recommend these songs, Breathe on Me by Britney Spears, Body Party by Ciara, You Can Leave Your Hat On by Cocker, Dance For You by Beyoncé, You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC and Buttons by Pussycat Dolls . You can go for regular club dancing, Lap dancing which is easier because it is basically done sitting down, or dancing with chair.

No Money No Dance

give money to stripper
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Don’t shake it before making sure your husband or boyfriend has money to give you. You are a stripper, aren’t you? So at least you have to charge twenty dollars a song and then, of course, there should be the tip.

How To Dance Like A Stripper

sexy dance for boyfriend
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The music is playing, your man is sitting in the living room with a drink, and you swagger over to him with a smile. “Would you like a dance, sexy?” you ask. He looks up and looks at you, you leave no answer to him but yes. He shows his approval by nodding.

In the stripper fantasy role-play, it’s really important to dance slowly and deliberately; you don’t have to spend too much energy or get fancy with your movements. If you want to do a lap dance, you should be like a “sexy cowgirl.” Move your waist back and forth, sway your tits in his face, touch his chest, arms, and face, and then pull your dress off over your head.

dirty stripper
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You can also sit in reverse cowgirl position on his lap for a little bit, letting him get a good look at your V-string-clad ass. If he tries to touch you, gently remind him that the strip club has rules and that he has to keep his hands to himself or you will both get into trouble.

You don’t have to play by the rules, you can tease your man and make the available suddenly forbidden. Slowly rub your body up and down on him in time to the music, let him feel how soft and smooth you are, let him smell your freshly washed hair. Grind your groin against his bulging one. Brush all over his face, by you bare soft tits.

shake it
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Stand up with your legs wide apart and gently rub your Butt cheeks against his nose and mouth. If he tries to take liberties with you, just smile and politely and gently put his hands back at his sides, saying, “Oooh, you don’t wanna follow club rules bad boy.”

Smile and laugh, because, laughter is a good thing. Want to surprise him? Break the rules as soon as he gets used to those rules. There’s another thing you can do, if you want to be more dominant and aggressive, pin his hand and arms against the couch.

Being Naughty At The Strip Club

dance for boyfriend
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When you’re wet enough and he’s hard enough, lean over and say, “See how wet I am for you, I want you inside me so bad, baby,” and unzip his pants and pull his hard cock out.

fuck the stripper
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Tell him, “ I don’t wanna follow the rules anymore, you’re driving me crazy, I want you so bad sexy, I’m gonna put your cock inside my hot wet pussy, but no one has to know, so let’s just pretend I’m giving you a lap dance.

” Keep your V-string on, and just pull it to the side and ride him. If he tried to grab your hips or waist while you’re screwing, remind him that you have to be careful; the bouncers are watching. Ask him to just sit back and enjoy the ride of his life. Because you’re going to do all of the work.

It might seems cliché, but you are beautiful and you should appreciate your body no matter its size, shape, or color. So in this role-play you should enjoy yourself and dance and move and shake like you are the sexiest girl in the world. Have fun playing the stripper fantasy role-play. Don’t forgot to let me know if you liked this post.