The Secretary And The Boss Fantasy Role-paly

The Secretary And The Boss Fantasy
The Secretary And The Boss Fantasy

For this scenario- the secretary and the boss fantasy, let’s remember a time when secretaries would do anything their bosses needed and actually liked being told what to do. A secretary is a safe object to satisfy his left-over lust and a non-sexual mistress who spends more time with her boss than he does with his good wifey at home.

The secretary is usually a single young woman who has recently moved to the city, to make her dreams come true by any means. She finds her boss a role model, someone who can guide him. As a result, she has an opportunity to have sexual experimentation, freedom, and lots of nasty fun.

bad boss sex game
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Caution sign with finger

This content is non-violent and also it's no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

What The Secretary Should Wear

Secretary Wear sexy clothes
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Dress like a 1950s or 1960s secretary can be a lot of fun. I find it easy to wear a twinset, a garter with sexy underwear, and some black silk hose. The character who is wearing this is simple but alluring.

Wear a black skirt that hangs to the knee or above that. Match it with a simple crisp blouse with conservative color, like: white, or black. The silk blouse is fine too. The most important thing is being neat and polished.

The shoes are really important. I think it’s crystal clear that, you have to wear high heels. Sexy black, shiny high ones. It’s an important part of the fantasy so if you don’t have these, go and buy a sexy pair from lingerie store.

What The Boss Should Wear

sexy boss in suit
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Isn’t it obvious? He should wear a suit, a good shiny suit which can be found in every men’s closet. Don’t forgot tie, it shows your discipline. Wear black shoes, make it as shiny as black possible, because you should look neat and severe.

Comb your hair back, or part it on the side using product. The purpose is to look like a real businessman, someone who commands respect. If you have suspenders, wear them under your jacket.

Don’t wear any underneath, as there’s something deliciously perverse about a handsome man in a suit pulling out his cock with the greatest of ease. You shouldn’t wear any underwear to let her have easy access to your dick.

Why Women Love The Secretary and The Boss Fantasy

I'm yours boss
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Have you ever seen a really hot businessman in suit and wants to be bossed around by him? the secretary and the boss fantasy helps you to bring that desire into reality! In this scenario you are his faithful sexy assistant, someone who relieves her boss’s stress and tension.

Why Men Love The Secretary and The Boss Fantasy

I love to fuck my secretary
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The secretary and the boss fantasy is classic because the woman is dominated. Can you say that man don’t fantasize about having a sexy secretary just a three- or four-digit phone extension away, ready to jump into action for him? Feeling like a powerful man who is in the position to punish a woman with his dick when she makes a mistake without having to apologize is very sexy, isn’t it?

The Boss Needs To Discipline Her

The Boss Disciplines her
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Did your secretory make a mistake and she needs to be discipline? What punishment can be better than a blow job? Call her into your office and show her the consequence of what she’s done wrong: wet deep-throat blow job.

Make her kneel in front of you behind your desk, thrust your cock into her mouth slowly, and hold it there. Gradually go in a farther and tell her to take it all in and have every inch of you. Then pull it out slowly. Keep doing this until she gets used to it, and then go a little faster until you are literally screwing her face, and tell her, “I’m fucking your mouth, Miss Smith.

Tell me you like having your boss’s cock, tell me!” She will say, “of course sir, I’m so starving for my boss cock.” You stroke her hair to show how generous you are, then put your hard cock back into her mouth and continue until you decide it’s time for Miss Smith to do something else.

Follow The Boss’s Orders

see her nude
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Treat your secretory like your doll, your property. You can do whatever you want with her because you pay her. She is your plaything, she is all yours. Have her stand in front of your desk. Ask her take off her blouse, and slowly place it on the chair.

You will say,” you look sexy in your lovely bra”; Then have her take off her skirt and place it on the chair; neat and clean. Ask her to slowly turn around so you’re able to look at her fine ass in that G-string. Ask her to bend over for a moment, and touch her toes. She touches the tips of her high heel you and you get very excited again.

You tell her to come over to you, walking slowly. Start stroking her all over, with both hands, her belly, her waist, her hips, her breasts, her legs, her ass. She is getting wetter you know why? She loves being your object, she can’t wait for her boss to do her.

Give Your Boss The Best Orgasm Ever

sex with my boss
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Stand up, move behind her, put your fingers inside her panties, tease her clit but don’t make her come yet. Whisper in her ears if she wants her boss to give her the business, if she wants her boss to fuck her. She nods along while you are pinching her nipples.

“I do, please fuck me sir.” You confess. You feel he is rubbing his hard cock against your ass. Now secretory should bend over the desk and place her palms flat on it, and boss takes off her pants and let her feel his cock.

Pull her sexy panties down and order her to steps out of them. Spread her legs, surprise her by fingering and teasing her instead of putting your cock inside. Insert a finger then pulling it out, grab her nipples, and rub her ass with your hard cock.

“Does Miss Smith wanaa come? I think she wants it so bad, doesn’t she?” he says.beg him to make you cum. He finally gets inside you and starts penetrating, move your ass back and forth for your boss. “I wanna come for you, sir. Fuck me harder”, you say. “You’re doing a great job for your boss! You love my cock, don’t you? “he says while he is pulling your hair. You moan and admit that you love him and his cock.

Don’t let her come, when she reaches her peak, pull out your cock and shoot all over her ass. Ask her to stay in position, put your cock back in pants and zip up. Now you can let her to turn around and see you cleaning your hands with tissues. Ask her to get dressed and enjoying watching her putting her clothes back on, then tell her to go to bathroom and clean herself because you have so many work to do!

I love you anyway baby
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I really need to say something very important, for playing any sex games you need to have each other’s permission. you wanna enjoy playing sex game with your partner. The Secretary And The Boss Fantasy role-play  is just a game, no boss can make her secretary have sex with him.  Don’t forget that you can always add your creativity to every fantasy and share it with us!