The Basics Of Sexual Fantasy

let's try threesome
let's try threesome

There is a wide variety of preferences and sexual pleasure types, it is said that there are as many different and various sexualities as there are people. Even a person’s sexuality can change through time over a week even. Therefore we cannot formulate sexual fantasy, only we can talk about a particular number of common ones. Some say that for some people sexual fantasies are an adulthood manifestation of childhood’s unexpressed and unfulfilled desires.

Fulfill my sexual desire
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Table of Contents

Where Does Sexual Fantasy Come From?

Daydream about breast
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Some sex educators mostly Freudians believe that since a child starts sucking on his mother’s breasts which is both nurturing and emotionally comforting and gratifying, he develops an emotional memory about breasts. He may not remember the memory whatsoever when he grows up, but the feeling remains. That’s why most children fantasize about women’s breasts before or through their puberty.

What Are People's Sexual Fantasies?

have Fantasy of your crush
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The commonest form of fantasy everybody has experienced is through emotional and/or sexual conscious daydreaming about a crush which virtually all men and women practice, or through masturbation. When a person masturbates s/he usually fantasizes a particular sexual theme maybe with pictures they see.

They even fantasize about their own bodies, for example, their fingers that are touching the clitoris or the nipples, or the hand with which they are holding their penises.

Why Do People Fantasize?

Reach emotional maturity
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Some sex educators believe that some particular sorts of fantasies are the product of anxieties which plague the adolescent or immature mind. Since human emotional maturity occurs only when all the anxieties have been resolved, an individual might cling to this approach to overcome their anxieties and reach emotional maturity.

The subconscious mind, and even the unconscious mind, must be satisfied in order to eliminate or minimize frustrations and anxiety an individual might suffer from. Hence mental development and emotional maturity is essential to an individual’s interpretation of their sexual fantasy.

Personality which is best described for our purposes as being composed of the sum total of all of the individual’s past experiences, whether real life experiences or experiences in fantasy.

Sexual Fantasy in Men and Women

Masturbation techniques
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It is estimated that sexual fantasy occupies about fifty percent of all fantasies in women as well as men. One correlation of this is that the frequency of masturbation in married couples as well as in single normal people of both sexes, applying to all age groups is fairly high. Thinking differently for one moment would be to indulge in the ultimate fantasy.
Many individuals guard and protect their fantasies as they would their very real life; and often suffer accordingly. This also is especially true in the area of sexual fantasies.

Talk about Your Fantasies

lesbian Fantasy
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It is of great importance to make sure about your partner’s impression on your fantasy you might be willing to experience with them. You should be 100 percent sure that they are comfortable with and open to this, not they are being forced into this only because they don’t want to be a bad sport.

Fingering rainbow
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If you are confident that they as well embrace it, it enlivens your passion and pleasure. You’d also ask about how the experience was for them and tell them about how you felt about it, don’t be afraid to express yourself sincerely and receive a sincere answer to your question. It is absolutely essential for a couple, married or not, to openly reveal to each other all of their fantasies and to discuss them freely.

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Only through such intimate revelations can the sex partners gradually learn to know and understand each other and how to care for the individual erotic needs of each of them. Such a practice would definitely remove the greatest of anxieties, of fears of sexuality, or of the guilt and frustrations that are so often associated with unfulfilled sexual desires and needs.

Have you talked about your fantasies to any one? or you think you’d better hide them because people might judge?