Sex in Public Places-Danger, Advantages & History

outdoor sex
outdoor sex

You probably have tried all different positions. You’ve tried them in your kitchen, on the washing machine, on the couch, on your rug, on the floor, in the bathroom, on the sink, in the hallway, on the stair. But how about having sex in public places? Have you ever given a thought to it? It can help you discover all the new possibilities that sex in public has. For example how do you like having sex with your lover in a disco, cinema, supermarket, swimming pool, in a park or on a beach?

sex on the sand
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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

Danger Of Having Sex in Public Places

caught having sex on the beach
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Surely there might be some problems that you need to be very careful about like: being filmed, or being seen by children, or being caught without having your underwear on, or not having proper arousal especially girls… this can be a long list.

We can offer you some tips to avoid the obstacles you might face while having sex in public places and make the most out of it.

Having Sex In Public Places Is A Good Idea If...

meeting strangers in the bar
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If you are not much into long term relationships and commitment and the only thing you are seeking is having one-night stand which is a pleasant and playful activity, having sex in public is a good option, since everyone who practices it inevitably faces some problems.

lesbian kissing each other
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In fact, just seconds after kissing your conquest who have just met problems begin: how can I get him/her back to my place? Mostly it is difficult to maintain the sexual tension between the two of you during the time you are heading to your place, and you should start your intimate relationship right away.

stranger at home after sex
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Sometimes it is not a good idea to ask him/her leave in the middle of the night, so they should stay and have breakfast with you next day morning where you realize you have nothing to talk about which might make you or your roommate uncomfortable.

However, if instead of taking your conquest home you chose to bonk in public, you would be left with that good impression of the person the next day without having to face any of those problems.

having sex in public places
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Quite clearly that bonking in public is a very effective solution to such problems. This way you will turn your one-night stands into ten-minute stands. Maximize your pleasure by ridding yourself of any and all ONS-related complications that might come along.

Why Is It Interesting to Have Sex In Public Places?

Tips Of Having Sex On The Beach
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100,000 years ago, people mostly had sex outdoors, culturally speaking they didn’t have a habit of hiding their sexual intimacy to be considered discrete by their tribe. And thanks to thousands of such sex games the human species has survived.

History of human sex

she is about to orgasm
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Formerly, the seduction process nothing like it is nowadays; oh no… The man dragged the woman around by her hair to show that he was interested in her. The woman also performed a little erotic show by gently hitting herself with small tree branches to indicate her agreement.

To make things easier, certain males knocked females out before the intercourse. Some sex educators believe that this practice has converted to the “starfish” position that many women still adopt today when having intercourse with men who are only interested in their own pleasure and are bossy or even ferocious.

Romantic sex back then

sex- outdoor
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Other men, would show signs of romance by building cozy beds made of twigs outside their dwellings. The women that the men didn’t find sufficiently hairy were not considered attractive.

The hairiness of men and women was significantly important, in some societies being hairy was a sign of nobility, prosperity and strength at the time, and brushing tools did not exist, so the hairier the better.

sex next to fire outdoor
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In the evening, they had intercourse next to the fire, which explains our remaining affinity for romanticizing our evening intimacy by lit candles or doing it by the fireplace. While all the tribe were by fire which the only source of heat and light and some sharpened their tools and discussed the next hunt, some others had sex.

Sexual encounters of prehistoric people

sex in water
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An anthropologist tells us about the sexual encounters of prehistoric people some of them, tired of spending entire evenings polishing pieces of rock, started to comment on the intimate relationships of those next to them.

They gave each other advice such as: “I wouldn’t do it that way.” Or: “Go behind her, you can see better results.” And: “Do you want me to help you lift her up? And even: “What, you are finished already?”

Why Did Human Start Having Sex Indoors?

men on the beach
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Sometimes they even tried to join in with those having sex, therefore to avoid such situations, couples started to move towards the caves and grottos to have sex in peace. This is how the practice of having sex indoors started and remained common.

sex indoors
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This huge sociological evolution has made us the indoor sexual beings we are today. It has also progressively led to the almost complete loss of hair, since the need to stay warm when having sex outside has gone.

Women began to improve the caves which were their romantic spaces and make them more comfortable and they also developed an interest in interior decoration. As for the men, they started to draw the sexual orgies of their forefathers on the walls of the caves as a way of passing on the cultural heritage.

intimate sex
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When man began cultivating land instead of hunting the second sexual revolution occurred. Man worked the land during the day and indoor sex for the evening maintained for centuries. It is this much less amusing and much more limiting model of intimacy that is still practiced today.

Comment your favorite sex spot if you like having sex in public places.