4 Brand-new Oral Sex Techniques for Him

Lick my cock kamasutra.one
Lick my cock kamasutra.one

Although oral sex is a great way to warm each other up before sex, but why don’t make it your main course rather than just an appetizer. In this post you will be learning about 4 amazing oral sex techniques for your man.

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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

"Tongue ’N Groove" Oral Sex Technique

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There is something even more intense than sucking, licking, and stroking –although they are hot. The Tongue ‘n’ Groove that let his most prized asset surrounded by a firm, wet tongue. It works wonders on his cock, because your tongue can cover a considerably larger surface than your lips.

The Technique

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In this oral sex technique you should wrap your tongue around the underside of his cock and suck it away. You can also practice this move on your middle finger to get a feel for the holding and sucking sensation with your tongue. Warm up your muscles by rolling your tongue into a tube to.

How to Do it Step by Step

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  • Sit on the floor on your knees next to the bed and have your lover lies on his back with his legs hanging off and feet flat on the floor.
  • Wrap both hands around the bottom of his cock, then interlock your fingers to create a firm seal.
  • Suck the top into your mouth, and press your tongue firmly into the underside of his cock. You should do it as hard as you can. Allow it to wrap around and form a cradle squeezing the sides and bottom as you suck and slurp feverishly.
  • Suck it with your tongue as opposed to your lips, which simply wrap around his cock for warmth and slippery moisture.

"The Boss" Oral Sex Technique

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If your man gets off on being in control, this is the perfect finishing move for him. You’ll perfect your oral sex technique with him in the driver’s seat and reap your own climactic rewards.

The Technique

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Run your tongue over one of his most tender erogenous zones, but Let his hands guide you. And you stroke yourselves into an orgasmic trance.

How to Do it Step by Step

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  • Have him sit on a chair or stand against the wall, then kneel at his feet and tell him that that you will take his order.
  • Spread some lube on your hands and wrap both of them around his shaft using your fingers and interlace them around it firmly. Ask him to guide your hands to show you how he likes it and find the perfect stroke, pressure, and pace.
  • After finding the ideal rhythm, place your head behind his balls and press your tongue into his perineum and make large sweeping strokes in tempo with your hands.
  • It’s the perfect opportunity to unite your orgasms because this technique puts you in synch. So insert your favorite vibrating toy or wrap yourself around his legs and masturbate.

You can spice up your submissive role with a little dirty talk:

-“Show me how to do it. You’re the boss.”

-“I promise to be good, please let me suck your cock?”

-“your cock is so huge, it makes me wet.”

-“I can’t wait taste your hot cum!”

-“I’m only here to serve you.”

“Slip ’N Swivel” Oral Sex Technique

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The Slip ‘n’ Swivel is one of the hottest pro oral sex technique’s secret to keep men lined up on their doorsteps. It makes an amazing sensation from base to tip. And it will give him an incredible orgasmic reaction by paying extra attention to his corona.

The Technique

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For this oral sex technique you should suck his cock from base to tip, passionately twist around his corona with your lips and tongue and trace its curves.

How to Do it Step by Step

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  • Drive him wild with some tongue play: first start licking all around his balls, then make your way to his shaft and move up and down, and press your tongue against his anus while holding his base firmly with two warm hands.
  • Are you ready to finish him off? Ok, then lower your lips all the way to as deep as you feel comfortable going and press the roof of your mouth firmly into his rock hard cock.
  • Suck upward, turn your head to the right and let your tongue wrap around his tip. As you slip and twist around his cock, keep constant suction.
  • Make your sucking, slipping, swiveling, and flicking movement smooth as you lower back down to the base.
  • Keep doing until you feel the waves of orgasm through his penis.
  • Sucking naturally has sound, so let it runs wild! Sex is supposed to be a sensual experience, and sound is extremely erotic. So don’t hold back. Breathe deeply and let your naughty noises come out to play!

“The Ultimate Indulgence” Oral Sex Technique

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The combination of Suction, lubrication, and rhythm take him over the edge while giving him a perfect blow job.

The Technique

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For this oral sex technique you need to alternate between three deep sucks and three shallow ones. This technique tantalizes the supersensitive head, and the highly reactive lower third of his cock. Twist your oral movements and strokes can produce massive results, because his body and mind get excited he doesn’t know what hits him.

If you try this technique in different positions (between his legs, straddling him from the top, or approaching from the side), it will feel like a new movement and his penis comes into different points of contact with your lips and tongue.

How to Do it Step by Step

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  • Begin by kissing his forehead, collarbone, hipbones and that sensitive patch above his nipples.
    Then make your way down to his cock, press your lips into his shaft and move them up and down, like you’re eating corn.
  • Once he gets relaxed and aroused, open your mouth around his head and suck four to five times with your lips then wrap it around his corona and suck again.
  • Move down your lips to the base, squeeze it tightly, and suck four to five times at deep as you can, you should swallow it with every suck.
  • Alternate between sucking on his head and base is the key, but don’t forget to do it at a steady pace. Keep doing this until you feel a sensation rushing through his shaft. At this point, sallow his entire cock. (If you can’t just take him into your mouth as deep as can), and press your hand into his perineum (the space between his balls and butt).

After practicing these techniques, you can go for other mind-blowing Oral Sex Techniques for him.