Male Multiple Orgasms- 4 Amazing Exercise

Male Multiple Orgasm
Male Multiple Orgasm

Male multiple orgasm is really different from having sex twice or three times in a day, I mean having multi orgasms literally without any breaks. They don’t need to rest or stop. That’s what you will learn in this post.

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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

What Does Male Multiple Orgasm Mean?

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It means men can have two or more orgasms in a row without resting and doesn’t experience any down time between their orgasms. If you become a multiorgasmic man, you are able to stay erect, even though you have just had an orgasm, and continue having sex from orgasm to orgasm.

How Could Male Multiple Orgasm Ever Be Possible?

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Some lucky men are born with this ability, so the physiology of their penis help them to stay erect after orgasm or get erected so quickly after orgasm without interruption. Have you felt jealous? Well, there’re some good news for you, I know some technics to become multiorgasmic, actually quite simple secrets.

The secret of male multiple orgasm is having orgasm without ejaculating. Do not read it again! That’s right having powerful multi orgasms with no ejaculation. No ejaculation means no refractory period, no down time, no remarkable loss of erection. So you are able to continue having intercourse until are ready to have an orgasm with simultaneous ejaculation.

Orgasm Without Ejaculation

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It may seem weird and impossible. But that’s not true. Maybe the fact that orgasm and ejaculation in males are two separate things is hard to believe, but most sex therapists confirm it.

Although they occur together, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible to have a full orgasm without a simultaneous ejaculation. You should just learn how to separate them, and you’re on your way.

Having an orgasm is an experience worth perfecting and creating. If you’ve never had a nonejaculatory orgasm, you need to practice for it. I’m going to teach you how to practice male multiple orgasm.

How To Be Multiorgasmic

Masseuse Role-Play
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Before we begin the excercise for male multiple orgasm, you need to know the three rules below:

RULE 1: Put all of your attention on where you are touching or where you are being touched. Try to stay focused.

RULE 2: Free your mind from anything that is not happening at this moment.

RULE 3: Don’t put you or your partner under pressure.

Exercise 1: Touching

lay on her
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For the first male multiple orgasm exercise, one partner should play the active role and the other play the passive role. Then switch in the middle. Let’s start by having woman to be the passive partner.

  • Lie on her back. Then both of you should take your time and get comfortable and completely relaxed. It’s really important that the passive partner get entirely relaxed.
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  • Start stroking her genitals really gently, for about fifteen or twenty minutes. Make sure to be very, very slow, while caressing her.
  • Then caress the outside and inside of her vagina with your fingers or mouth. You have to use lots of lubrication. Focus on the areas you are touching and try to figure out what they feel like and what they look like. Remember, you are not touching to please her but you.
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  • Your partner should just lie still, relax. I mean staying completely passive, with her eyes closed. No move, no Reciprocation, no talking. She should just stay focus on where you are touching her.
  • Try to stay focused and deeply absorbed in touching her and the way that feels. It doesn’t matter how many times your mind strays, you need to gently refocus your mind on the caress.
lay on him
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  • Switch your roles. This time, you should take the passive role.
  • Lie down on your back, spread your legs and let your arms rest at your sides, you can put them under your head.
  • Your partner should do everything you did earlier to her (step1-6).

Stay focused, whether or not you get an erection. A soft penis feel as good as a hard penis, just different, so she should only focus on the sensation of touching you, not on your arousal (and not on hers). If you do get an erection, enjoy the sensations of your own arousal and don’t do anything else with it.

Exercise 2: Solo

stay focus in sex
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The second male multiple orgasm  exercise must be done alone.

  • Lie on your back or sit on the sofa, with your eyes closed and get very comfortable.
jerk off
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  • Touch yourself gently and slowly in a caressing way with using plenty of lubrication. Start by touching your nipples or thighs which are highly sensitive.
Self-Touch Techniques
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  • Slowly move to the genitals. Do not use a masturbation stroke to caress your penis. Remember you don’t want to turn yourself on. Just take your time to explore every crease in your genital area
touch yourself
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  • Keep doing this for thirty minutes and try to stay relaxed and focused, just try to enjoy the sensations. Having or not having erection are both fine. Experience the richness of your own arousal in this pressure-free exercise and try to focus on sensuality, not sexuality.

Sexual Arousal Scale

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Our arousal scale goes from one to ten, witch means Level 1 is the lowest level of arousal and Level 10 is the highest. Are you ready to know the various levels of your own arousal? Let’s begin

Level 1

dinner with partner
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Baseline. What does it feel like? Imagine that it’s Sunday afternoon on a hot summer day. You’ve just finished eating your lunch and you’re thinking of doing the cleaning.

Your cars need to be repaired and you haven’t pay the electricity bill yet. You have no sexual thought in your head, do you? Any arousal? None. At that moment, you are at Level 1.

Level 10

male orgasm
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No, I didn’t make any mistakes, just want you to know what Level 10 is, you already know it; Orgasm!

Level 2 and 3

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These two levels are any slight sensation than men get at the base of their penis, once they start to get aroused.

Level 4

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That’s a steady level of arousal, but low. It’s more than a throb now, you have a good feeling now. Still, it’s not difficult for you to stop. But if you don’t stop, it will change!

Level 5 and 6

sex indoors
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Your arousal is already considerable. Now you really want it; orgasm. Once you reach these levels, you don’t want to stop it. You’re feeling great now.

Level 7 and 8

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You feel your heart pounding and your face gets red. If you had to talk you wouldn’t be able to make any sound but breath.

Level 9

sex in the bathroom
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This level is intense. You are close to your climax…you really want to come. At this level, anything outside of you is very far away, nothing can stop you and every inch of your body screams for orgasm.

Level 10

Multiple Orgasm men
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I’d like to call this crucial point; “the point with no return.” If you don’t its name but you definitely know the feeling. At the point of inevitability you have no doubt that you are about to come, it happens-I mean orgasm, due to some physiological changes in the body.

We have 9.9 Level which is a very crucial number for you to remember, for reasons which will be explained later.

Practice Makes Perfect

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Learning about levels of arousal can get a little bit abstract after a while. The only way to master the system is to experience them. Compare each level to the previous level, you should know each level is higher than the previous one!

All levels are all relative to each other and each feels slightly different. The only absolute number are 1, 9.9 and 10 which mean no arousal, the point of with no return and orgasm. Using numbers to describe your arousal is not only silly, but also very, very important and seriously.


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I haven’t said anything about erections so far. Arousal can occur with erection but not necessarily at the same time. Arousal is a feeling of excitement that can be experienced throughout the body. Erection, on the other hand, means when your penis gets hard. Erection is all about hardness and reflection of blood flowing into this organ.

Maybe you become erect at arousal Level 4; maybe you don’t get erect until Level 6. It’s different from person to person on different days. Our concern is not erection, but your level of arousal.

How To Peak

enter the tip of penis
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Reaching a peak means letting your arousal climb to a certain level and then quickly letting it drop back down. For instance, you may let your arousal rise to Level 7, then let it fall back down. That’s a Level 7 peak. Or you may let your arousal reach to Level 9, then let it fall back down. That’s a Level 9 peak. This is different from trying to keep your arousal at a given level, which is called “plateauing.”

Exercise 3: Climbing

relaxation with self massage
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The third male multiple orgasm  exercise is Solo, so you need to do it alone.

  • Lie down or sit down and get comfortable. Pour some lubrication on your hand and your penis.
  • Give yourself a genital caress the way I taught you. Slowly stroke yourself (not a masturbation stroke) until you reach Level 4 of arousal. That you feel twinge, but low.
masturbation stroke
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  • Stop the stimulation when you reach to level 4 take a deep breath slowly. Check your PC, hip and thigh muscle to make sure they’re all completely relaxed.
  • Let your arousal fall back down a couple of levels to a “2.”
lie down naked on a bed or sofa
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  • Once you drop to Level 2, start caressing yourself again. This time, you need to get to around Level 6, which mean to stroke yourself a little bit faster.
  • When you get to Level 6, stop the stimulation. Take a deep breath and let your arousal drop back down to around a “4.” your muscles should be relaxed.
stay focus in sex
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You’d better do this exercise for fifteen to twenty minutes. What I want you to do is try to have a peak any high level then drop back to the lower level, at least one level.
Don’t rush to reach your peak. Each cycle should take four or five minutes.

It becomes harder to relax as your peaks get higher more and more difficult to relax. The solution is to take deeper and deeper breaths at each level. At this exercise you need to reach the peak at very high levels. By practicing you will learn to recognize different levels and get comfortable with them.

Exercise 4: Twin peaks

sensual massage
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The Fourth male multiple orgasm  exercise needs to be practiced  with your partner.

  • Lie on your back, close your eyes, and get comfortable.
  • Your partner should give you nice and slow genital caress and focus on her own pleasure. This caress can be done with her hands, her mouth, or both. Stay focused on what you are feeling.
orgasm massage
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  • Let your partner know if you reach Level 4.” Don’t be worry about the time just close your eyes and enjoys her caress. Just tell her “4” when you reach the level and she should stop caressing.
  • Make sure all of your muscles are relaxed. Let your arousal drop to level 3 or 2 while you are taking very deep breath.
Perineum Massage with oil
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  • When your arousal drops off sufficiently, let your partner know by thumbs up. She understands that she has to start the stimulation again, but very slowly and focused.
  • Continuing doing this until you reach Level 7, Level 8, and Level 9 if you can, don’t pressure yourself.

Even after all those 4 male multiple orgasm  exercise, you don’t have to reach the high level right now. Just learn to listen to your body. It’s all up to you whether you want to stay at the lower levels for a while or get to level 10 and have an orgasm. Take your time to stretch this exercise out to an hour or more, so you both can have a nicer experience.