Male Genitalia and Oral Sex

Male Genitalia and Oral Sex
Male Genitalia and Oral Sex

It is necessary that both men and women tell their partners how they like oral sex. Whether it has to be done faster or slowly, or roughly or gently. Where they want more licks, or more kisses or touches with lips. You should remember that sexual preferences, likes and dislikes are as numerous as there are people.

So you should bear in mind how to make oral sex is an art form which requires to know male genitalia and oral sex techniques. You’ll need to as well tailor your skills to his/her wants and likes. Some things may not work at the beginning but may work after one or many tries; others may not. Some techniques may work at another stage in your relationship — or with a totally different partner.

Male Genitalia and Oral Sex
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Caution sign with finger

This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!


Fellatio Kamasutra-one
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Oral sex is a crucial part of sexual intimacy and can be given or received as a part of foreplay, as a part of after-play (that lovely, intimate, coming down period following sexual intercourse), or as the main sex event, or even during intercourse in case there are more than two partners involved.

69 oral sex
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Fellatio might be accompanied by analingus as an instance in 69 position or anal-oral sex or may be the sole event of a whole sexual relationship. Analingus is more of an acquired taste, but something that really works for couples who are into it.

Here we are going to talk about oral sex for male privates for now and later we will be discussing analingus or oral sex for female genitals.

What Is It That Men Love So Much About Oral Sex?

dominant oral technique
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Mostly people do not know that, but men generally, are often all about oral for psychological reasons. By receiving oral sex he feels dominant, especially through those positions that the girl is down giving him the pleasure, also the fact that he himself actually doesn’t have to do anything, but enjoy the pleasure some other person is providing him. He also feels wanted and desired especially when the pleasure giver herself moans or shows she as well is enjoying it, which is really fulfilling to him.

How To Give Him The Most Mind-blowing Blow Job

Mind-blowing Blow Job
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Before you can become an oral sex connoisseur, you need to know exactly what you’re stimulating. Surely you already know that a penis and scrotum are a big part of his erogenous zone, but do you know which specific parts are best to touch, caress, lick and suck on when you get down there?

Whether you’re trying to turn him on so that his penis get erect or maximizing his pleasure you’ll need to spend some time becoming well aware of his most reactive hot spots and the way they function and react to stimulation, so that you can give him the most mind-blowing pleasure he has ever received in his life. You should look at his penis differently to explore and make sure your mouth moves are even more magnificent.

Lick my cock
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While some people were taught the anatomy of sex at some point in their schooling, the vast majority never thoroughly learn about the ins and outs of some of our most amazing private parts. As a result many lovers have no clue what is where, how to work with or how to reach peak sexual response with spots that are merely for pleasure. You may need to check out the following image we put here to give you specifics about male sexual anatomy.

Men Genitals Anatomy

Magnifier on a dick
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Pinpoint his outer hot spots

If you take a quick look of a male’s groin area you’ll notice that it consists of the penis and scrotum. Yet if you want to be familiar with his sexual anatomy more thoroughly note that erogenous zones exist all over this area would reveal the following:


The glans of your penis
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The “head” of the penis, the glans is the smooth, very sensitive helmet like knob at the tip with a lot of nerve endings. It has the potential to send tremors throughout your lover’s body when attended to.


The foreskin of the penis
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Most males around the world are intact or uncircumcised, this means the foreskin of their penis hasn’t been removed. Therefore there is an additional erotic area to awaken since this retractable, double-layered fold of skin is packed full of rich blood vessels, nerve endings, and muscle fibers. Note that males who are circumcised have had this erogenous tissue removed.

Urethral opening

The urethral of the penis
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The urethral opening is the slit-like opening of the glans, through which urine, pre-ejaculate, and semen pass. The sexual sensitivity of this spot may differ from one man to another. Since it’s filled with many nerve endings, some find stimulation of this area pretty pleasurable and arousing, though many find it painful or uncomfortable. Proceed with caution and ask him about how he likes it!


The shaft of your penis
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This body of the penis, covered with muscles (but not a muscle itself), is filled with blood vessels. It contains spongy cylinders — a pair of corpora cavernosa and a corpus spongiosum — that is filled with blood when he is aroused, expanding and causing an erection. This particular large area can handle a lot more stimulation than the smaller, more delicate erogenous zones can individually, in part because the corpora cavernosa extends back into a man’s body, with its crural (roots) that are attached to branches of the pelvis. This prevents his penis from sinking into his body while thrusting.


The corona of my penis
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No, we’re not talking about the virus here. The corona or coronal ridge is the ridge that is located at the bottom of the glans that separates the shaft from the head of the penis. For some men it can be the most excitable region. It is more easily found on guys who have been circumcised, the corona is best identified on an uncircumcised man once his penis is fully erect.


The frenulum of your penis
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The frenulum or fraenum is located, where the shaft and head of the penis meet, on the underside of the penis. This small bump of loose skin is extremely sensitive to stimulation, and in males who have been circumcised may appear as an area of scar tissue. In some men, this bump is the most sensitive part of their penis, so be careful! If the stimulation you deliver is overly intense he might reach the finish line too quickly.


The scrotum of my penis
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The dark, thick-skinned sac of very sensitive flesh hanging between a male’s legs, the scrotum houses your man’s testicles. The way the muscles of a guy’s scrotal sac function is quite interesting: when a guy gets cold, these muscles contract, drawing the testes closer to the body and causing slight shrinkage.

These muscles also relax when he’s hot, lowering the testicles away from the body is somehow an effort to sustain the ideal temperature for sperm production. While it’s tempting to roughhouse with your lover’s testes, the area should be handled with care, unless he tells you he can handle more; the sensitivity of this area varies from one man to another.

Rolls off the tongue

I wanna lick your
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In some ways, some people (while giving oral sex) have more fun with scrotal play than anything else during oral. It probably is because this area is so sensitive and soft and feels so nice in the mouth. His scent can also be highly arousing, so you guys really need to care about the scent of your body.


Where is my perineum
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Not all of male erogenous zones are found on the penis. If you move up to the area between his testes and the anus, you’ll find the perineum — an area of soft tissue and nerve endings.
This is a major hot spot for a number of men, in part because stimulation of this area indirectly causes his highly erogenous prostate to be stimulated. There are different ways to increase sensuality and sexual pleasure by stimulating him orally, manually toying with this whole area.

Pinpoint his inner hot spots

Best part of his body
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A male’s internal reproductive system consists of the testis, epididymis, vas deferens, bulbourethral gland, Cowper’s gland, and prostate. Two of these areas are important to home in on during oral, depending on your guy’s preferences.


Also referred to as the testes or gonads, your guy’s testicles are indirectly stimulated when you play with his balls (the outer package) which protect them. These oval glands are crucial to a man’s sexual pleasure fundamentally because they produce sex hormones, primarily testosterone, which influence his sex drive as well as sperm.
Testicles vary in size and shape, the left testicle is typically hanging lower than the right one — seemingly so that they don’t bang into one another. It is also normal if one testicle is slightly larger than the other.


Where is my g-spot kamasutra.on
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Also referred to as the P-spot, the prostate surrounds the urethra, located just below the bladder above the perineum.
Getting sexually aroused, this firm, golf ball-sized gland of smooth muscle fibers, connective tissues, small tubes, clusters of glands, and tiny blood vessels throbs, sending sensations throughout his pelvic region as it swells with prostatic fluid, which protects the sperm from the vagina’s acidity, helping sperm movement and improving the chance of fertilization.

Some guys enjoy prostate stimulation, which is easily done by rubbing your first two knuckles up against his perineum, and are blown away by the incredible way its reactions rock their world; others find it neutral neither pleasing nor a turn-off and others find it downright uncomfortable.
Your lover’s feelings about prostate play actually can change from one sex session to the next, underscoring the need to explore what he fancies each time you go down on him.

What You Need To Learn About Male Genitalia And Oral Sex

amazing blow-job for him
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Keep in mind that whatever pleasure you are giving should not EVER create any discomfort for you, you need to feel good about every single second of it. Normally men like to penetrate their whole penis into their partner’s mouth and so many girls might be intimidated to do that, or might force themselves into getting the whole thing in their mouth.

Well, actually you don’t need to do that. You only need to know how to hold the penis with your both hands and use your lips and tongues to provide adequate pleasure for your boy. Almost all women tend to use one hand when they are providing oral pleasure, but a two-handed fellatio makes all the difference.

All parts of the whole package should be paid attention to. While you are sucking on the head you should give hand job to all other parts of the penis and use your other hand to rub the testes in a circular way. Normally men love their testes being handled, played with, and sucked on.

Eventually you can also give proper oral pleasure to his testicles, little by little move farther to reach the spot between the testicles and the anus. Be confident doing it, you so are going to nail it.