5 Simple Tips To Make Her Cum By Spanking

make her cum by spanking kamasutra.one
make her cum by spanking kamasutra.one

Have you ever experienced that you partner is about to orgasm but she doesn’t cross the threshold into an actual orgasm? Make her cum by spanking.
Spanking with consent secured and a safe word selected is not only abusing when you are in the bedroom, but it is naughty and kinky; not abusive. It can help you to push your partner over the edge into orgasm.

Many women are aroused by spanking; the flashes of sharp pain turn them on. Others find it naughty and kinky. Still others don’t like it at all, so spanking them without permission, will only get into trouble!

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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

Make The Most Out Of Pudendal Nerve

Pudendal Nerve kamasutra.one
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The pudendal nerve is the primary nerve network in the pelvic region that directly connects to the clitoris, vagina, and sphincter. So by stimulating pundental nerve with a short sharp spank, you can make your partner feel a miniature lightning bolt to every erogenous zone below her waist.

When To Spank

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When your partner is about to come and your penis or fingers are inside her, spanking can put her senses on fire with pleasure. At this critical moment, slapping her sharply can create a sensory overload. The combination of intense pleasure, pain and overwhelming the woman’s nervous system, is a mind-blowing orgasm. Do you want to make her cum by spanking and give your woman multi-orgasm?

Go for a few more spanks. Each spank creates its own climax or two, so you can give her a cascading chain of orgasms. Often your partner can orgasm and have massive pleasure for many times this way before noticing the pain of the spanks. If she ever feels pain, go back to passionate caresses . . . until she’s almost at her peak and ready to be spanked again.

How To Make Her Cum By Spanking

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Having sex is all about giving and receiving pleasure, although there are some smart people who break the roles and think out of box to experience new sense, it doesn’t mean you want to hurt her or inflict bruises. All you want to do is stimulate her nervous system to make have multiple enormous orgasms. Spanking is the best way to do this because it causes this sensory overload but inflicts no actual damage.

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But how to spank? Cup your hand, instead of having your fingers splayed. This creates a sharp pain that doesn’t linger. Do not hit her hard by putting all your weight behind the slaps. All that is needed are shallow spanks that transmit quick flashes of pain to the pudendal nerve. You won’t believe how easy it is to make her cum by spanking!

Where To Spank

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Spank her on the top of her butt, close to the anus and the best position is the rear-entry/doggy or reverse cowgirl. If your stomach prevents you from hitting the target area in the doggy position, switch over to the reverse cowgirl, and have her lean forward toward your feet.

While she is close to climax, give her a spank on the target area while you are penetrating her deeply, and drive her wild. These two positions induce orgasms because you have her buttocks wide open, unobstructed, and your hand has as easy access to her butt cheeks.

Cowgirl or spooning positions, can work too but aren’t as effective as doggy because you can only slap the sides of her buttocks, and those spanks don’t trigger climaxes the way full-on pudendal nerve spanks do.

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I discovered the benefits of spanking entirely by accident. While having energetic sex, I wanted her ass so bad and felt like spanking my partner right on the pudendal nerve while she was close to climaxing. The response was just WOW!

Her body started spasming from having multiple orgasms one after another. Upon further experimentation, I determined that this process consistently gave multiple orgasms. It gave more when I kept thrusting my penis or fingers in and out of her and less when I pulled out.

A single smack worked better than a quick succession of spanks, but a smack every 20-40 seconds was ideal, depending on how quickly she recovered from her orgasms and started building the tension for a new orgasm.

Spanking alternatingly between the left and right cheeks produced stronger and more numerous orgasms than when I only hit one cheek. Spanking the pudendal nerve allowed me to give my partner dozens of very strong orgasms within a single sex session.

Spank Her Everywhere

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Last but not least, if she enjoys it, don’t just spank her in the bedroom. Lovingly smack her rump whenever the opportunity presents itself. Do it around the house. Surprise her with it. If you’re feeling especially daring, do it in public .

Maybe while standing in line at the movies or while walking through the supermarket. By spanking, you remind her how much you want her—and how hard you make her cum by spanking during sex.

how do you feel about spanking or being spank?