The French Maid Fantasy Role-play

The Employer and The Maid Fantasy
The Employer and The Maid Fantasy

You’re gonna love this French maid fantasy game, because everyone enjoys a sexy French maid’s outfit. It’s a popular costume. A woman fantasizes to wear it, and a man loves watching the woman in it.

This outfit doesn’t make the woman innocent, in the contrary it make her a sexy curvaceous woman who wears a short black dress and bends down to scrub the floors just to expose her panties. 

She’s wearing a white little apron and a cute little hat, but she isn’t a pushover; she’s powerful, so strong and obviously sexy. The great thing about the French maid fantasy is that the partners can easily switch their roles from dominant to submissive.

the sexy French maid
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This content is neither pornographic nor Violent, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!  No Men Can Ever Force Any Women To Have Sex With Him. It's just a game to play with your partner and with having her PERMISSION.

What The Maid Should Wear In The French Maid Fantasy Game

the French maid fantasy costume
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You can easily find maid’s costumes in any party or costume store. Being mainstream costume and fantasy, you don’t even need to go to an adult store to buy one. The maid’s costume comes all in one pack: the little dress, the apron, and the hat.

Shoes are extremely important in this fantasy. They should be sexy black shiny high heels. If you don’t have anything like that, you buy them from an adult store where you see lingerie and shoes in the window, or shop online, where there are many amazing fetish-clothing websites.

If you are not used to walking in heels, practice beforehand, because falling, stumbling, or twisting your ankle isn’t sexy at all, it just kills your mood. It’s your little secret to have fun walking around with those heels by yourself, it’s just like playing adult dress-up.

It’s time to decide what kind of panties you prefer to wear: thong, lace, white cotton, or even those frilly panties that only little girls used to wear. Go to a bra and panties store, it gives you many idea and you can easily choose one.

If you’re so busy doing your boss’s laundry that you don’t have time to do your own, you can also wear nothing underneath if your boss desires. You need to add one more thing to this sexy French maid-a hosiery, so you need to buy a pair of fishnets or silk thigh-highs with the black seam in the back.

Finally, no sexy French maid is complete without her feather duster. This sexy feather duster can be used in several ways: The master of the house can use it to stroke his maid’s naked body up and down, and the maid can tickle her employer’s naked body especially his balls.

Just make sure the duster is clean and you both feel like using it. The master can always punish or tease his naughty maid with her own duster, and for sure she will enjoy it.

What The Employer Should Wear In The French Maid Fantasy Game

sexy boss in suit
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Well, first you have to decide who you want to be and how much authority you want to have! You can be a business man with three-piece suits, a rock star coming back from a recording session, wearing jeans and a T-shirt or even leather pants, a banker and you’re on your way to an important meeting, so just the suit is appropriate or you are a rich person who is coming home early from a Saturday afternoon round of golf at the country club, so sports clothes would be nice. You can have the endless scenarios.

Let’s Get Your Hands Dirty

looking at the sexy maid
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You come home in the middle of the workday to pick up something you left at your home office. Your beautiful and dutiful maid is the only person in the house. She is in the living room and cleaning and dusting the TV on, and playfully watching and listening to her favorite program.

She is in her short little maid dress, fishnets, and a garter belt with sexy black high heels. Her hair is up and away from her face and under her little maid cap. She doesn’t notice you are in the house, she is standing in front of the coffee table and lazily dusting while watching TV.

You watch her, you are angry because she is not paying attention to the tasks at hand, on the other hand you can’t stop looking at her beautiful figure. You sneak up behind her and grab her. “You like this TV show more than your job, don’t you?” you say. She jumps but no luck to get out of your grasp.

sex with French maid Fantasy
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Is something wrong, sir? What are you doing here?” she asks, and try to wriggle her sexy body out of your grasp. Put your hands under her little dress and start rubbing her ass. “I wanted to pick up some papers. Do you know that you have a beautiful butt? it’s a very lazy ass, but can’t deny you have a beautiful one. I’ve been watching you ever since you were hired, and I’ve wanted to get my hands on this beautiful ass.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you find my ass beautiful.” Then, as she shakes and shivers because your hands are wandering under her skirt, which are now going between her legs and tickling her lightly. “What if we start getting our hands dirty?”

She seems so interested, so she lifts up her skirt to shows you what she is wearing underneath: a sexy garter belt and little lace panties. How you decide to proceed is completely up to you. I mean do something that turns you both on.

2 Alternative Scenarios for The French Maid Fantasy game

sexy French maid fantasy sweeping
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Your maid is on her hands and knees cleaning the house, you can enjoy the view of her fine ass and body moving back and forth and back and forth while she’s scrubbing your floors—and then sneak up on her from behind and make her totally filthy.

Apologize for what has just happened, try to clean her uniform. You try to clean her but you end up having her naked in front of you! As always, it’s up to you if you want to have a real bucket and a sponge, but why not? Make it really, it helps you create a good, exciting fantasy!

sex at the office
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Your wife is away on business, the maid is doing a quick dusting and accidentally runs into you pleasuring yourself in the basement. She tries to walk away, but you catch her out, she is your made and you need a service.

So guys get dirty and go nuts by trying The French Maid Fantasy. If you have any other fun scenario for the French maid fantasy, please comment below.