Face Massage And Some General Massage Tips

Face massage
Face massage kamasutra.one

As mentioned in the previous chapter, massage is a significant means to deepen affection and sensuality in your relationship. You need to be concentrated and put aside all the anxiety and distractions for which breathing practices are good help.

There are a vast variety of different types of massage you can try. In this post you are going to learn the easiest one, Face Massage.
First you need to choose whether you are going to be the active partner or the passive one which means whether you are going to give massage or receive it afterwards you can switch roles.

Squeeze my cheekbone gently kamasutra.one
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Table of Contents

Why do we need Massage?

Care about my pleasure kamasutra.one
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We usually are taught to be caring about other people’s pleasures more than ours. Being the massage receiver is a great chance provided for us to be more aware of our own pleasure and enjoy the sensation we are experiencing.
Also as the massage giver you have the chance to be enjoying your own pleasure, since we are too worried about doing the job (which we think is giving pleasure to the partner and not ourselves) we are totally distracted from enjoying the touches and caresses.
As practiced before in focusing on breath, you should be present here and now and be aware of the sense of sensation comfort on your fingertips or your body you feel.

Massage Tips

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Normally it is said that warming hands before massage and keeping the place fairly hot is preferred (especially when receiving massage without having clothes on), however some people might favor the cool. You as the receiver can recline and rely on your back so that you can be more relaxed and more focused on joy.

As the massager giver you’d better start with caressing the hands, hold her/his hands in yours and feel the warmth and weight of the hands, be aware of all the spots of your palms that are touching. You can close your eyes to be more concentrated.

Start with the outline of palm and fingers. Feel the touch of every line and contour of the hand, since when we are focused on touch and tactile sense the right part of our brain activates. Caresses are not massages, you are just creating stimulation by awakening the nerves and in fact you are not manipulating the muscle tissue beneath the skin.

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Usually softer touches create more stimulation rather than repeated strokes with rough pressure. Not only rough strokes won’t help. But also they may even deaden the sensation.
If in the middle of caresses your mind wanders and you lose your concentration on massage, you better take your time and focus on your breath so that you can be aware of the process again and bring back all the affection and attention to yourself and your lover.

Concentrate on it's joyfulness kamasutra.one
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To be concentrated on the joy you feel by being emotionally connected to each other is as important as the physical touches, if not even more important. When you are done with one hand. Lay the other hand down gently and give it a proper massage.

When you are moving to another part of the body, you better do the breathing practice for a few minutes again, so that you can bring back your attention and concentration on caresses again.

Face Massage Technique

Face massage

You should keep in mind that your hands must always move upward while performing face massage. You (the active partner) can sit comfortably and lay your lover’s head on your lap.

  1. Start with putting your palms on his/her entire face and try to feel love, affection and passion you both have for each other through his/her face and your palms touching. You both better keep your eyes closed.
  2. Gently move your fingers through her/his hair, with the tips of your fingers slowly and softly rub the scalp. Afterwards give her/his forehead and the hairline massage.
  3. Move your fingers from the center outward to left and right and from the point between the eyebrows upward to the hairline to that repeatedly and properly enough that s/he feels the blood circulation in this area has changed.
    Some people have sensitive temples and in case their temples get rubbed _even though gently_ they get headaches.
  4. Pay enough attention to how your partner feels, if it might cause them headache, avoid it. By your index fingertip massage under eyebrows. Gently squeeze cheekbones with your thumb and forefinger then pat the cheekbones with your thumbs.
  5. Keep the process slow and gentle, when you massage slowly it helps you be more focused and your mind wanders from touch less. Come to the lips, lightly and gently touch the outlines with your fingertips, then whole lips. Come to the chin and squeeze it enough with your thumb and forefinger.
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When you feel ready you can switch roles as giver and receiver. But before that, the receiver should take some time to express how it felt, what parts s/he liked best or what parts the giver may have missed.

I can remember the last time I went to Skin Clinic, she offered me a VIP service which contains Face Massage. I wanna talk about what I felt, and I want you to tell me about yours if you ever received Face Massage. Well at first it was relaxing, then I felt drowsy but after feeling her hands on my neck I started getting horny. See you are not the only one. Can’t wait to know your experience. comment bellow.