Female Ejaculation Mind-blowing Facts

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kiss her neck passionately kamasutra.one

However non-orgasmic sex (either with a partner or solo sex) can be both pleasurable and gratifying, yet orgasm and climax a person experiences is one of most essential aspects of sex. Female ejaculation as an obvious manifestation of female orgasm is not much talked about. To familiarize with how female orgasm works and how it can lead to ejaculation we should first specify what female ejaculation is.

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This content is no pornographic, it is just educational, if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

What Is Female Ejaculation?

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Until recently female ejaculation has been dismissed to be urination or incontinence, even though that particular liquid does not have the same appearance, smell, or chemical properties as urine. From feminist approach acceptance of female ejaculation might lead to insecurity in some women who don’t have ejaculatory orgasms.

They may somehow feel pressured to ejaculate or be viewed as somehow lacking or deficient because they are unable to ejaculate when compared to women that do ejaculate, that’s why this might be a blockage to acceptance of female ejaculation. But as time goes on we find that women have a great capacity for sexual pleasure, whether with or without ejaculation.

Is Female Ejaculation Real?

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It took many years just for the G-spot to be accepted and massively educated, let alone the possibility of female ejaculation. Many women have experienced ejaculation for years, and others have occasionally experienced it.

Since for some time it was thought to be abnormal, most women preferred to hide it or felt ashamed from their lovers and society for the fear that there was something wrong with them.

Still many women may have never experienced it for they do not even consider the possibility, so they unintentionally get resistant to it. No longer in this age of information do people want to be kept in the dark, they want to explore and experience and get to know their lover’s sexuality.

How Do Women Experience Ejaculation?

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In some cases only G-spot stimulation will induce an ejaculatory orgasm, in others clitoral stimulation can surely work just as well. And there are some other women who do ejaculate every time they have any type of orgasm whether clitoral or G-spot.

And for some other women it rarely occurs at all. So do not condition yourself and your expectations, just be open to your sexuality.

Can All Women Experience Ejaculation?

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We also find that of the women who do have ejaculatory orgasms, quite a few of them only are able to do this alone through masturbation and not able to do so with a lover which could be due to not being relaxed enough with their partner or for fear of judgment from their lover.

Chances are that for whatever reason they are not reaching a high enough state of arousal or receiving adequate stimulation when they are making love to a partner.

Is Female Ejaculation New?

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Actually female ejaculation is not new at all, it’s been always around as long as women have been around. The ancient Chinese Taoists called it the Yin Tide, and in the eastern practice of Tantra, the fluid was called amrita, or divine nectar and it was regarded to be really beneficial to both the woman and her partner. Some believe that female ejaculatory orgasms are more a forgotten ability than a new discovery.

How Are Ejaculatory Orgasms Different From Regular Orgasms?

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Regular orgasms have shallow contractions that the women can feel and the man can barely and moderately feel on his penis or fingers. Regular orgasms generally last in duration from a few seconds up to a minute and may also come in multiples.

There is a release of tension and a sense of relaxation, the woman can hold the orgasm back once it starts if she wants to if she’s having a regular orgasm. However ejaculatory orgasms have deep rhythmic contractions, often convulsions that start deep within the vagina and uterus. You can surely see the contractions.

They look like the vagina is trying to turn itself inside out by pushing all its muscles out. The vagina will try to push the penis, dildo (or any other sex toy) or fingers stimulating her G-spot out of her. They last much longer than regular orgasms, and may have multiples for up to 20 minutes, if stimulation is continued.

Ejaculation occurs, and the fluid may squirt from ½ inch to 3 feet and may reoccur with each orgasm if stimulation is continued. There is a much deeper release and relaxation during and after ejaculation. Once the ejaculatory orgasms start they are effortless unlike conventional orgasms that women sometimes may try too hard to have.

What Is The Fluid?

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There always has been much controversy over this question. Considering the volume of fluid that is sometimes ejaculated (for 1 tsp. to 1 cup or more), some believe that it is urine and it comes from the bladder, but lab tests have shown that this is not true and that the chemical found in this fluid is similar to male prostate fluid.

Where Does The Fluid Come From?

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According to recent studies it is now believed that ejaculatory fluid comes from the paraurethral sponge which is the female equivalent of the male prostate gland which lies behind the G-Spot and is composed of many glands, which are similar in structure to the glands of male prostate gland.

Through G-spot stimulation the paraurethral sponge swells with the fluid until the point of ejaculation, then the fluid is expelled and squirted through urethra. Another current theory is that ejaculatory fluid is some form of chemically altered urine. But even if that is true urine is sterile and would not cause any harm.

How Much Fluid Comes Out?

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The amount of ejaculatory fluid can differ from woman to woman, just like for men. Normally the amount ejaculated fluid on average is 2-3 tablespoons up to a cup in a single session. Do all women have the capacity to ejaculate when they have orgasm?

This is not known scientifically yet, however in both Taoist and Tantric schools of thought, it is believed that all women are capable of the sacred orgasms which bring forth the yin tide or amrita. Note that there are many variables both physiological and physiological, one of them is the number and size of the paraurethral glands of the particular woman in question.

Each woman can be different from any other woman. Some other sex educators believe that most, if not all women do have the capacity to ejaculate and can learn it.

Can All Women Squirt The Ejaculate Out?

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There are some studies which demonstrate that all women do ejaculate but that the quantity and ability to emit or squirt the ejaculate out varies from woman to women. Meaning that some women may produce very small amounts of ejaculatory fluid (only a few drops) and another may produce up to a cup.

Also if a woman is producing a significant quantity of ejaculate, but her sexual muscles are not strong enough to squirt the ejaculate out it may just dribble out of her vagina never to be seen which can be considered the wet spot that many women have underneath them after sex.

The Bottom Line

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Both men who truly love women and love to bring the woman in his life incredible pleasure greater than she has ever experienced before, and to guide her in to new uncharted territory, in a new era of sexual awakening, also women who wish to explore their own sexuality and locate their own G-spot and experience female ejaculation alone and or with their lover require to know enough about female sexuality including female ejaculation.