9 Lesbian Sex Tips and Tricks

tits licking 69 position kamasutra.one
tits licking 69 position kamasutra.one

There’s no ultimate act of lesbian sex. Lesbians and queers get it on in every way, I mean there is no right or wrong way. Where you start depends on what you’re into. It also depends on what kind of queer you are and who you’re having sex with. But using “no” doesn’t mean we have no tips and tricks here for you. Let’s get started!

Lesbian Sex Tips and Tricks kamasutra.one
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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

How To Flirt

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Seduce your partner by flirting, it shows your lovers that you are interested in getting it on. Flirting makes everyone feel great. Start by making eye contact. Touch her and let your hand linger on her arm. Smile seductively.

Flatter the object of your attention. Compliment her face, her body, her intelligence and her voice. Use your body to show your interest. Leaning in and keeping your arms apart with your palms up and your shoulders facing your partner are signs that you’re open.

Facing away, with your arms together or crossed, are signs you’re closed off. Be aware of the signals you’re giving and getting. Don’t be timid. Approach a woman confidently and start a conversation with her. Listen to her carefully as she speaks. Look at her lips, and wet your lips as she’s talking about herself. And if that goes well, then you are ready for the next step!

How To Kiss Your Girl

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Start kissing slowly. Lean in closely. The hottest part of a kiss is that moment just before it happens when you know you are about to start kissing. Stay there. Let the tension build. Make her come to you.

When you are ready to kiss her, keep your lips soft and limit the tongue action at first. Let the excitement build. Close your eyes and think about the feeling of her mouth on yours. Think about the sensation of her lips and tongue. Pay very close attention to her movements. Mimic her moves. Does it feel like she wants more? Is she leaning in closer and kissing you more aggressively? Go for it.

Match your intensity level to hers. Pay attention to the things she does. Her movements can give you many clues about the way she wants to be kissed. You can also show an overly aggressive kisser how you like to be kissed by encouraging her to follow your lead. Pull back from an aggressive kiss and come in with softer, lighter kisses. Repeat this until your date begins to mimic your kissing style.

Break up long, deep, hard kisses with soft, light ones. Nibble and suck at her lips. Use your tongue. Place light soft licks along her top lip. Nibble her bottom lip gently between your teeth. Avoid wet sloppy kisses; no one likes that.

Kiss her neck and throat and any other exposed skin like her shoulders and collarbones. Light kiss her cheeks, earlobes, and other delightful spots. You can pause between kisses to whisper seductive things in her ear. Compliment her. Tell her what a good kisser she is. Tell her how much you want her.

Nibble her lips and neck. Bite her softly. Good places to place small soft bites are along the neck and jawline. Don’t bite hard! Do it softly. You want your bites to feel good and to increase the tension and excitement. Keep it light but firm.

Everyone loves long make-out sessions. Don’t be in a rush to move from kissing to whatever comes next. Sometimes all you need is a hot make-out session. Kiss for a long time. And once you’ve moved on to other things, you can always slow down the action by returning to kissing and making out.

Touch Her

touch her kamasutra.one
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Touch her body while you kiss her. Press your body against hers and start caressing her neck, shoulders, breasts, and other body parts. Try putting your hands on your lover’s face while you kiss her. Touch her throat softly while you kiss.

Touch your date’s hair while you make out. Stroke it. Pull it lightly. If she has long hair, wrap your fist in it and tug. You don’t need to pull hard to let her know you are in charge, just grip it firmly. If she has short hair, stroke the nape of her neck. Stroke the back of her head with your fingers tip while you kiss.

Touch your lover’s breasts while you kiss. Stroke them lightly at first. Does she like it? If she leans in for more contact, give it to her. If she pulls away, leave it. She’s telling you no. She may not enjoy having her breasts touched. Don’t push her.

If she likes it, keep going. Stroke the sides of her breasts. Touch her nipples lightly with the palm of your hand. Pinch and pull them with your fingers. Alternate stroking her breasts stimulating her nipples.

You can show her how you like your breasts touched by guiding her hands with your own. Place her hands on your breasts and cup her hands around yours. Encourage her to cup your breasts and stroke your nipples.

Lesbian Foreplay

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Flirting and kissing are incredible beginnings, and the longer you enjoy them the easier and hotter sex will be. Taking time to get turned on makes it more likely that you will both enjoy sex and come easily and more quickly. Take your time and let anticipation build. Spend more time fooling around.

Find her pleasure spots. How does she like to be touched? Pay attention to her responses. Stroke her waist and hips while you kiss. If she is more on the masculine side, stroke her chest above her breasts and run your hands over her strong arms.

The hottest way to compliment your lover is to show her how much she is turning you on. Make appreciative noises. Moan and whisper sexy things. Encourage your lover to touch you more and to experiment. Ask for more. Ask her to touch your breasts and nipples or to stroke your ass and hips.

Neck, shoulders, and breasts get tons of attention, so make a point of lavishing touch on other parts of her bod. Kiss her belly, her thighs, and the insides of her elbows. Leave no body part untouched.

Give her tons of foreplay. Don’t rush it. Foreplay is time to take it slow. Tease her. Really tease her. It’s much sexier for her to be begging for more than asking you to back off. Enjoy whatever is happening in the moment.

Hand Job

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Lesbian hands are sexy, so you should use it in every inch of her body. But first make sure your hands are clean and always have plenty of lube on hand. Silicone lube is great and won’t dry out, while water-based lube can be reactivated with a little spritz of water or saliva.

Don’t use oils, which can degrade latex. Always use lube. It doesn’t matter how wet she is or you are: lube makes every sex act hotter and better! There are simple hand jobs and complex hand jobs. It’s all up to you to involve penetration or not in Hands-on sex.

Explore your partner’s body with your hands as a prelude to other forms of sex. Touching her everywhere gives you a chance to find her most sensitive areas. Go on an exploratory mission. The minute you start touching her you’ll know how turned on she is, how wet she is, how warm and soft she is.

Don’t go rushing for her pussy. Take time to stroke her everywhere. Use your hands to tease her and turn her on. Caress her thighs, ass, belly, breasts, arms, back, and shoulders. When the time arrives, graze her pussy lightly as you kiss her, just to make her want it more.

Don’t be afraid to torture her a little. The more turned on she becomes, the better everything you do will feel. Pay close attention to her body language. If she responds with moaning or leaning into your touch, you’ve found a sensitive spot.

Lesbian Sex And The Breasts

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You can fine no one who doesn’t love breasts! We like our breast to be touched or we want to touch someone else’s—and often we want both. Touching her breasts and nipples releases a feel-good hormone that gets her excited and ready for sex.

If your lover is more masculine, don’t have her breasts cupped. Instead, concentrate on playing with her nipples. Pull and pinch the nipples, roll them between your fingers, grip her tits firmly, or stroke her chest as if it were flat.

The Clit Stimulation

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The clit is oh so much more than the tiny nub you can feel at the top of her vulva. That nub, however, is pretty freaking important to her pleasure. It’s actually the key to her orgasm. You know this. She knows this. When it’s time, direct your magic toward the clit.

Start by stimulating the rest of her vulva. Graze her pussy from top to bottom. Stroke her pubic hair; tease her lips. Caress her, paying attention to her response. This teasing will help you discover what types of touch feel best to her.

The clit is a lot more responsive when a woman is very aroused. Don’t go right for the clit before warming her up, or she will feel more uncomfortable than exciting, so begin by touching it indirectly. Rub the side of her clit with the tips of your fingers.

You can also try rubbing across the top of her hood without pulling it back. Get some lube ready, because you’re going to want it. No matter how wet she is, everything feels better with lube.

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First, cover your hand with lube. Use more than you think you need. Drizzle some lube on her vulva and make your hand into a loose, flexible fist. Rub her pussy in an up and down motion using the back of your knuckles. Using your hand this way can really help you touch many sensitive parts of her pussy at the same time.

Apply more lube as you need it. You can keep doing this as long as you’d like; in fact, this is a great way to bring her to orgasm. Just be sure to keep to a rhythm and maintain contact with her vulva.

Magical Fingers In Lesbian Sex

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Most women can have orgasms from focused, direct clitoral stimulation. If she gets distracted during sex or has trouble orgasm, you should try to pay all your attention on her clit with only the tip of your finger.

Lie beside her or sit between her legs, then have her spread her legs. You can also try lying side by side or behind her. Just find a comfortable position that allows you easy access to her clit. You might be in this position for a while, so make sure you are comfortable.

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Start by warming her up in whatever way you usually warm her up. Apply lube to your fingers and stroke her clit lightly until you feel it become more erect and move out from under the clitoral hood.

Talk to her, hold her, tease her, or make eye contact to help your bodies connect and begin to vibe off of one another. As you warm each other up, the whole space around you will start to feel even sexier, even hotter.

Finish Her

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Stroke her clit in small, tight circles using your index or middle finger. Your goal is to stick to one finger, one rhythm, and one move. If she knows that you aren’t going to switch things up at the last minute, she can better relax into the sensations.

Focus your attention on the upper portions of her clit, just slightly off center. If her clit were a clock, you’d want to focus on caressing her at about 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. Keep making small circles with the tip of your finger, paying attention to the feeling of her clit as you move around it. Stay focused.

Do not break contact with her clit. Keep moving your finger around her clit in slow, careful, precise circles. Each time you hit the upper area, slow down just a fraction and apply a tiny bit more pressure. I mean give that spot a bit of extra attention.

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As she is about to reach orgasm, her clit will swell and harden. This is a good sign. When you feel this happen you can expand the circle you’ve been making around her clit by just a small amount. As she gets closer she may also become more sensitive and expanding the circle will keep you from stroking too hard or too directly on her extremely sensitive clit. Concentrate.

Don’t lose focus. Don’t break contact. Don’t stop if you can help it. Just keep rubbing her clit-in circular motion with the tip of your finger. Try and keep your finger moving at the same speed. Anything you change will distract her and you’ll have to let the tension build back up. Don’t worry; she’s going to come.

Eighty percent of women will come after fifteen minutes of direct clitoral stimulation, and 90 percent of women will come after twenty minutes of direct stimulation. Keep circling as her orgasm begins to peak. To make sure you don’t stop before she reaches orgasm, keep going until she pushes your hand away.

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