8 Amazing Breast Stimulation Tips and Tricks


Breasts are the significant part of the body. It’s a no-brainer that they play an important role to create and increase sexual arousal. Here are 8 amazing breast stimulation tips and tricks to create more pleasure for women and men.

8 Amazing Breast Stimulation Tips and Tricks
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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

Looking for any signs

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Gently kiss down her neck, looking for any signs of arousal such as a deepening of breath, goosebumps, or reddening of her cheeks. Kiss across her collarbone and down to her breasts. Do it so slowly, let her body begs for your lips on her breast. Don’t forget, you are just warming her up and making her wet. Your job is to listen to her body!

Unhurried sensual caresses

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Slow and unhurried sensual caresses on all parts of your girl’s body including the breasts can heat up your sex. For example you can try the diagonals trick. To stimulate her breast, first place your left hand just below and to the left of her left breast, palm downward, your fingers pointing toward her right shoulder.

Slowly and without pressure, slide the flat of your hand up and over the left breast diagonally off toward the right shoulder. Before your left hand ends the stroke, start another in the same place with the right hand. Then do the same for the opposite diagonal.

The spirals

touch my nipples slowly
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Some men do not pay much attention to the sensitivity of the outer parts of the breasts and they just aim to the nipples which is a mistake. Coat a warm fingertip lightly with oil, and (with fingernail well-trimmed) gently and slowly circle the outside of her breast.

On completing each lap, slightly shorten the circle a little so that your finger is effectively climbing a spiral around her breast with the aim of ending at a tiny fixed point on the nipple, having circled it several times first.

Experiment (breast stimulation tips and tricks)

Eat-my nipples by your fingers
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Experimenting with different speeds and pressures help you get to know her type. Also you’d better ask her how she feels wherever and however you touch.

The crab

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With hands bunched in crab-like shapes, place them on one of her breasts, fingertips only, on either side of her nipple, and very slowly draw the hands apart and down the sides of the breast. Repeat for the other breast.

Stroke her breasts

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Don’t forget to stroke your partner on every part of her body at every opportunity. If you want to stimulation her breasts, it doesn’t mean you should ignore other part of her body.

The seashore

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With both hands bunched in crab-like shapes, place them each on one breast, fingertips only, on either side of her nipples and draw them down in opposite directions until they end diagonally apart, then draw them together again up and diagonally in the opposite direction. This constant together-then-apart motion is intended to feel like the tide going in and out at the seashore.

Touch and Tongue

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In breast stimulation tips and tricks, both touches (rough or gentle) and tongue use are necessary, but it’d better if you start with hands then hit the fire with kisses and licks. Use your tongue to gently lick around the areola, spiraling in toward the nipple. Flick your tongue over her nipple and then gently suck.

Repeat a few times. You can first kiss, lick, and suck lightly then as she gets more aroused hold her breasts more tightly and squeeze them more roughly, then lick faster and suck harder.

Do you want to spice it all up? Use your fingers to stimulate her genitals or massage other places on her body to send a message to her that she can feel pleasure in more than one place at a time.

So, what do you think about breast stimulation tips and tricks? have you tried them before? what do you suggest?

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