7 Easy Lower Back Body Massage Techniques

Lower Back Body Massage kamasutra.one
Lower Back Body Massage kamasutra.one

In massage we’re often concerned about how to give one, and what to “do” to our partner. Have you ever concerned yourselves with the most challenging part of massage—how to receive one? The lower back body massage is perfect to practice deeper surrender. Lying on our stomachs, protecting our vulnerable underbelly, and having our genitals hidden give us safety which is necessary before we allow ourselves to surrender.

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Table of Contents

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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

Coming Into The Body

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Choose a comfortable bed or soft mat in your erotic space and cover it with a sheet. Select a massage oil or lotion. Play music with no words to distract you and make the relaxing atmosphere with candles and scents. If you’re a man: lie side by side, spooning with her in front and your hands over her heart.

If you’re a woman: lie on top of him with your chest on his back.
Share a simple, one-sentence intention. Bond and relax by tuning in to your breaths. Enjoy this very simple rituals—sharing the breath. Feel a letting go with each exhale, and with each inhale take in a new sense of wonder.

Lower Back Body Massage Strokes

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You can take the breath one step by making an audible “Ahhhh” sigh. It can be fun if you mix your sounds with the vibrations. You can lose yourself. After a couple of minutes of grounding and breathing in sync, the woman slowly begins to move her breasts down his back.

Let your nipples trace playful designs on his back. Drag your breasts over his buttocks, breathing hot air onto his cool skin. Eventually, kneel between his spread legs. From this position, reach behind you and place a hand on the bottom of each foot.

Use a light touch, with a hand on each leg, stroke up to the inner thighs, move over the backsides, over the shoulders, and down to the arms to the hands. Use one long, keep stroking from foot to hand, and move backwards. Try to repeat a couple of times.

Heart And Sacrum Hold

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Fall to your knees at the man’s side, place one hand over his heart and the other hand on his last bone of the spine. Heart-love and sacrum-sexuality are energetically connected by touching them at the same time.

Rest your hands on them and listen to his breath. Watch the way his back rise and fall. Want to give him goosebumps? Well, you can bend over and breathe on his neck.

Only when you know where your lover is in the breath. Begin rocking his body gently from these two points by moving your hands back and forth about an inch. You better gradually increase the intensity that is deeply comforting.

Feet And Legs Massage

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Kneeling at his legs, pour massage oil on his back and rest a hand on his lower back and onto it. Spread the oil from the buttocks to the bottom of the feet and the area you’ll be massaging next. Try not lose contact with his skin.

Working in more detail now, massage the pads of his feet. Work your way toward the heart by squeezing the calves, bunching up the muscle in your hands and then releasing it. Use your whole body, push your hands up the sensitive inner thigh, up over the backsides, and back down the outer thigh.

Where the leg attaches to the hip, close to the genitals, pull the groin tissue away from the midline of the body over the sit bones. This move give her a pleasure by massaging her genital without touching it.

Buttocks Massage Strokes

Buttocks Massage Strokes kamasutra.one
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Kneel outside his spread legs, wriggle the butt cheeks, ask your partner to relax his buttocks. Wriggle the fleshy cheeks to your heart’s desire. I guarantee he will not ask you to stop. Any move such as vibrating and jiggling needs pressure, tempo, and rhythm, or it becomes boring for both of you.

Place a hand at the outside of each cheek and scoop your hands toward each other, letting the cheeks slip out of your grasp as your hands reach the crack. Go back for another scoop or two. Knead the cheeks as a baker kneads bread dough. Check in about the pressure by asking if he would like more pressure.

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After adjusting pressure, Make a fist with your hands and move them slowly over his buttocks, rotating your wrist as you go. Position your body over your fists by letting the weight of your body work for you, you can massage without getting tired. You can also vary the strokes with lighter pressure throughout the massage.

Perineum Massage

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The perineum is the area between the scrotum and the anus on a man and the vagina and the anus on a woman. We unconsciously hold tension in this area (“tight ass”), and a good perineum massage creates longer and stronger orgasms for both men and women, and also more ejaculation control for men.

On a man, the perineum is referred to as the “hidden penis.” Almost half of the sensitive, vascular tissue of the penis lies behind the scrotum and inside the pelvis. This “forgotten penis” known as the male G-spot, which is both relaxing and exciting.

Place a palm over the perineum with fingers covering the crack and wiggle the hand till you feel the sit bones. Place your second hand on top of the first and lean with the weight of your whole body toward the heart. Vibrate and hold.

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Keeping one hand the perineum area, slide the other up his back to rest over the heart. Trace this root-to-heart path up and down in several slow strokes varying among vibrating, stillness, rocking, and sounding. Do you know how the Sounding is done?

Well, by placing your chest over the perineum hand and exhaling your sigh of appreciation, which vibrates his root through your hand. It will help melt the shame.

Kneel beside his heart side, and place your left hand over his heart area. Cup your right hand over the crack with your fingers together on the perineum. Dig your fingers deep into the “hidden penis.” Press, rub up and down, massage in circles, vibrate, and hold. Don’t forget to check with him about your pressure.

Finishing The Lower Back Body Massage

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Rock the whole body gently from this firm heart perineum hold. Finish the lower back body massage with several gentle sweeping strokes in a U shape from the bottom of one foot up the leg, across the sacrum, and down to the other foot.

It’s not hard to learn the lower back body massage, it just requires practice. I’m sure you can get pro after practicing. You can also read the upper back body massage and face massage posts in order to give a full body massage to your partner.