6 mind-blowing Genital Massage Techniques for Her

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massage labia kamasutra.one

Genital massage is the best way to make your girl relax and also increase the intimacy in your relationship. It can also be a great different foreplay.

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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

How to Start the Genital Massage

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After at least thirty minutes giving non-genital body caressing or massage, offer her a twenty-minute genital massage. Ask her to sit on pillows and let her get comfortable and set the timer. Start by placing your hand over her heart and genitals, look her in the eye and breathe.

Indirect Clitoral Stimulation

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Gaze and keep a hand on her pubic mound, gently touch her chest with the other hand, and softly go down to her abdomen, and thighs with the long connecting strokes.

Tell her there’s nothing she has to do except stay focus on where you are touching her and breathe. Place one hand on her heart and the other palm over her vulva then round your fingertips over the pubic bone.

This is the vagina’s internal G-spot which I’d like to call “heaven’s back door”. Rotate your arm and wrist back and forth about an inch and wrap around the pubic bone. If she is feeling a tingling internally then hold and vibrate.

Put some pillows under her knees and ask her to lie supine, then lie beside her. Pour some warm massage oil on your hand and her vulva. Spread the oil over the entire genital region by upward strokes from the perineum.

Vulva Stroke

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With this massage you can stimulate the clitoris indirectly. Use your thumb and index finger and pinch her outer lips then massage or squeeze with your hand till it slips out of it. Without losing touch with her skin move from the clitoris to the perineum and back up the other side. Pat your lover and tap her clitoris with your flat fingers. If she wants more pressure, pinch her clitoris through the hood, and lightly shake it.

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Place one hand on her belly, and place a finger of your other on each side of the clitoris and dip into the valley that runs down each side of the vagina. Check with her, she might want more or less pressure, or a faster or slower speed. Stroke it with rhythm, pressure, and vibration. Circle her clitoris using your fingertips. Ask her where the right place is or if there is other move to make it better. Circle in the other direction around her vaginal opening.

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Place your palm on her pubic mound, stroke her clitoris using your index finger while you massage her inner thighs with the other hand. Draw back the hood, expose the glans, and find out what pressure gives her more pleasure. Without touching her clitoris just using your fingers, slide the hood back and forth. You need to stroke for a few seconds, pause and then stroke in some way.

Many women do not like direct stimulation on their clitoris, they want it close to it. Men often become absent-minded and nervous when they get to the genitals and their sensate-focus practice flies out the window. Touch not only for her pleasure, but for both of you. Enjoy her juicy, pink, soft part. Stay focus by breathing, touching and intention.

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Tease her clitoris through the hood with your finger. Apply some lubricant or oil, because, the clitoris makes none of its own. Try to breath right onto her magic button and give her goosebumps by the cool stream of air. Use the vibrator in your hand through your fingers, it will five her marvelous feeling.

Talk to Her During Genital Massage

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Be verbal with this massage. Tell her how beautiful her genitals is and it’s like a gorgeous flower. Let her know if her lips changing into a deeper pink or purple, tell her or if you see some wetness from her vagina.

Vaginal Massage

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After five minutes of clitoris stimulation with plenty of lube, Look directly into her eyes and ask her if you are allowed to touch her inside, or if you can visit her secret garden.

If the answer is a yes, do not rush for it and just linger seductively at the opening. Tease her. Flirt her. Wait for her body to beg. Instead of rubbing, wait till you feel her sucking your finger into her vagina. When she is ready- apply lots of lube, slowly start penetrating her. Place one hand on her belly and slide one or two fingers into the vagina, then hold.

Try to focus on your bodily sensations, using your sensate-focus skills. Feel the heat and moistness within this deep cave. With your fist, slide slowly in and out about an inch. Vibrate your hand very lightly and press in the four directions—upward, outward toward each leg, and downward—coming to the center, make sure to pause a few seconds between each press.

G-spot Massage

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Pull your fingers back out to the second knuckle and curve them toward the pubic bone in a come-hither gesture and slowly rub the top wall of the vagina. Look for a spongy and wrinkly area about 1.5 inches inside more than the smooth tissue.

This sensitive area is internally connected to the clitoris. Before stimulating clit orally, touching the G-spot is not only hard to find but she feels nothing except pain, just like the head of your penis. Once you have found her G-spot (feel free to ask for her help), make small circles using your flat pads of your fingertips.

Then pause and change direction. Press up tightly toward the top of her pubic bone, hold for five seconds, then release five seconds. Let her guide the pressure by talking to you. Repeat it several times. Make a windshield-wiper stroke in the same way.

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2Hold her pubic bone using one palm, use your fingers to rub her clitoris. With your internal fingers or thumb of the other hand massage her G-spot. Stimulate on one spot for five to fifteen seconds, then rest and let her breathe and again continue to do the same for the other spot.

Place your palm on the pubic bone helps her feel secure. Encourage your partner to breathe deeply and moan and have orgasm if she wants to.

Closing Genital Massage

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Before ending the massage, let her know that you are coming out from deep inside her now. Then pause and remove your hand slowly while the other hand rests on the lower part of her belly. Place your hot, moist hand over her genitals, and massage around her heart, breasts, shoulders, and thighs with the other. End it with a relaxation bonding, or having sex if you both desire.

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