5 Wrong Myths about Sex Toys

sex toys kamasutra.one
sex toys kamasutra.one

Growing sex toy industry that is estimated to generate more than $1 billion a year—and shows no signs of slowing down currently plays a magnificent role in our sex lives. Involving sex toys in our sex lives (whether in our intimate relationship with a partner or solo sex) also requires adequate awareness of our sexual anatomy and our partner’s (either male or female) also our own and our partner’s sexuality.

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This content is no pornographic, it is just educational, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

Invention Of Sex Dolls

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Well you might be surprised if you are told it was Adolf Hitler. In spite his lack of interest in alcohol, cigar or sex he was the first one who commanded production of sex dolls in large scale.

But why? Because he was told that his troops were excessively spending time at brothels with prostitutes and they were so likely to contract syphilis or any types of STDs.

Therefore they wouldn’t be capable of fighting the war. Yes, that’s how he came up with the idea of a project named Borghild to distribute inflatable sex dolls for the soldiers, although these dolls were not much embraced by the Nazis.

Surely Hitler wasn’t the first one who thought about an artificial replacement for sex, and there were many different types of sex toys and dolls made during history by many individuals, but he was the one who produced a large number of them in a factory to manage his military forces. Apparently the factory was bombarded during war.

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You might assume that the stereotypes and myths associated with sex toys would be a thing of the past and do not exist anymore. Not so! Sadly, myths still exist largely and prevent some people from considering what a wonderful addition toys can be to their romantic relationships.

So many guys might be scared that this technology might replace them, so they’d rather not give it a thought to use any of sex toys while they are making out with their girl.

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Myths About Toys

1. Toys are for those who can't get “the real thing”

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This myth mostly persists due to the stereotypical sex toy: the blow-up doll. It’s based on the conception that the only people who buy sex toys are those who don’t have a sexual partner or—worse yet—can’t get one (think antisocial loners and weirdos).

Their only option for sexual pleasure is to use a toy as a “replacement” for a real lover. Sex toys are not replacements for sex partners or lovers, and are made to be used only instead of having sex. People from all walks of life, both single and partnered, use sex toys to bring more excitement in their sex lives.

2. Toys are only for solo sex or masturbation

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This myth is related to the first myth and reinforces the notion that you only use toys by yourself. Sex toys are wonderful for solo pleasure, but they aren’t only for that special alone time!

There is a wide variety of different kinds of toys and most of them can be used not only alone, but also to bring fun, fantasy, variety, and inspiration to sex with your partner for the betterment of your intimacy.

3. Toys are for those people who have sexual problems

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This myth originated in the days when doctors diagnosed some women with sexual frigidity (and other nonsexual ailments) and prescribed vibrators to induce orgasms. The old term used to describe sex toys “marital aids” that still persists to this day.

The underlying reason here is that toys are made to fix problems and if you’re healthy, you don’t need them. What a load of bull! Although toys can certainly help people with a variety of sexual issues, from low libido to erectile dysfunction, that’s not the only purpose they are made for.

4. If my girl reaches out for a vibrator, she is not satisfied with my sexual performance

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They may not come clean about how they may feel about theses sex toys, but somewhere in the back of their minds, many men have this irrational fear: a vibrator does a better job than they do. They get a feeling that their performance or body might seem to be inadequate.

That’s why for some men, vibrators or any other sex toys feel threatening. But they shouldn’t. Sex toys don’t jeopardize your masculinity or your lovemaking skills. Besides, a vibrator doesn’t keep her warm at night, take her out to dinner, or give her affection and caring she needs!

5. There is something wrong, if we “have to” use a sex toy

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If a person feels threatened by sex toys, he (or she) may have to consider that their partner’s desire for a toy does not mean they are not satisfied with their skill as a lover.

There are so many people visiting a sex toy store who resist to buy a toy by saying, “I can satisfy my partner just fine on my own. I don’t need any help.” A sex toy is not used to compensate for your or your lover’s lacks or shortcomings; it’s about bringing some new heat into the relationship to enhance intimacy.

Those people who have gotten past the myths and are open to sex toys as an incredible way to explore new dimensions of partnered and solo sex need to be given hints about: How and what do you choose? So, click this link to read more.