5 Amazing Sex Tricks Every Couple Should Know

Amazing Sex Tricks Every Couple Should Know kamasutra.one
Amazing Sex Tricks Every Couple Should Know kamasutra.one

You should push the limits to turn a boring or mildly interesting sexual encounter into a deeply satisfactory one. In this post I’m going to teach you 5 Amazing Sex Tricks Every Couple Should Know. Like, Surprising your partner and do something spontaneously like, unexpected sexy kisses in public, or unusual sex positions. Tender talk is also a great aphrodisiac. While making love tell your partner how sexy you find him or her, and their smell or taste turns you on.

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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

Increasing Friction

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Have you ever seen a woman masturbating? You will be surprised if you see the way she pushes her fingers on her clit. Masturbating for woman isn’t necessarily defined as penetration or moving in and out. So certain amount of friction is essential for sexual stimulation.

Some sexual positions give close, intense contact – the grind, for example, involves the man pushing and circling inside the vagina without actually moving in and out, while the seizure technique involves the man holding back the top of his partner’s pubic mound to expose the clitoris while he penetrates so that he is holding it against his penis.

Steady Pressure

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Pressure, pressure and pressure. It woooooorks! Deep, pressure can preferably be a rhythmic thrusting, particularly for G-spot stimulation. For added sensation rub her clitoris.

Massage During These Sex Tricks

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Believe me that it’s not exciting to have intercourse focusing only on the pounding of the penis and leaving all the other erogenous zones out of the equation! Do you know what the result of single-minded thrusting is? Well, rest of the body ends up screaming for attention.

You have no idea how sensitive the skin is, so let your hands wander over your partner’s body during intimate moments, it is arousing and loving.
Do you want to know how to give your partner an erotic massage? So check out Erotic Massage posts to find more amazing sex tricks.

Use Your Tongue

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Guys, Let me tell some easy important sex tricks! Your penis or your vagina aren’t the only sex tool you’ve got. you have some other sensual tools-mouth, tongue and lips. Why do you overlook the pleasures of oral intimacy? Yet skillful manipulation of the mouth and tongue on the genitals and penis can be sensational.

Just give it a try, start licking your partner’s balls then his shaft from the bottom to the top to see he’s passing out from pleasure. Lick your partner’s clit to see she can barely breathe.

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If you want to do it together you can go for “69” position which describes where you snuggle up to each other head to genitals and give each other oral sex at the same time. It is called “69” because of the shape created by the two bodies in this position. If you find oral sex exciting, this intimate position is a must.

However, some people prefer receiving oral sex separately, on the grounds that if they focus entirely on themselves rather than on their partner their sexual sensation will be more intense; equally, if they are performing oral sex on their partner separately, they can concentrate only on giving optimum pleasure. You can find a complete Oral Sex guide here!

Sexual Timekeeping

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One the best sex tricks which brings satisfaction in your sexual life is knowing how to Practice peaking, having simultaneous orgasm and give your girl multiple orgasms

Practice peaking

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 In this method, you stop then start stimulation in order to reach mini-peaks of climax but go no further. Men and women can enjoy having many peaks in this manner before letting go for the final one.

Simultaneous orgasm

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If you want have orgasm at the same time, give her plenty of foreplay and learn to let go only when you recognize what the beginning of her orgasm looks like. Use sex toys, oral sex before penetration or you may need to practice Orgasm Control.

If you don’t manage to achieve this, don’t worry: most people achieving orgasm is largely a matter of timing and self-control. There are various ways that you and your partner can influence your climaxes: prefer to concentrate on their orgasms separately.

Multiple orgasms

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If you want to find out if your woman is the multi-orgasmic sort, don’t give up on the stimulation when she has first climaxed. It’s too hard to regain sexual sensation for women, if stimulation stops. So you need to keep penetrating!

If she doesn’t want to be touched, you can guess she won’t orgasm again. If she moans with pleasure responsively, keep on with the good work. Or just read more about Multi-orgasmic Sex.

Sex plays an important role in our relationship, it’s also an mutual pleasure. But if you know some sex tricks, you can be a better, different and favorite partner of all time, am I right?