3 Taoist Sex Tricks Everyone Should Know

Taoist sex tricks Kamasutra.one
Taoist sex tricks Kamasutra.one

In this post you will be learning about 3 Taoist Sex Tricks that says, if the penis and vagina massaged correctly, it will revive the glands in sexual function.  According to Tao philosophers the human body has its own energy flow that can be both used up and recharged. It is argued that by applying stimulation to specific meridian points, as is the case in acupuncture or reflexology, it would benefit the health of “related” organs elsewhere in the body and restore the balance of energy. 

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Table of Contents

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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

First Taoist Sex Tricks: Sex For Health

sex for health kamasutra.one
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The first Taoist sex trick is about the genital massage. Tao sexual positions help you to massage the penis and vagina evenly. It cannot be achieved in intercourse due to having different vagina and penis shape. The Tao genital massage has nine exercise and ninety strokes. Its aim is to massage the genital meridian points to benefit related organs in the body.

The sets of nine

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  • He enters just the tip of his penis into the vagina before pulling it out. This stroke should be done for nine times, before thrusting the entire penis into the vagina once.
  • He then strokes eight times shallowly using the tip of the penis only and two times deeply with the entire penis.
  • Next, he carries out seven shallow strokes and three deep ones.
  • Then, he makes six shallow strokes and four deep ones.
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In this exercise, the man penetrates the woman as following steps:

  •  He performs five shallow strokes and five deep ones.
  • Then he makes four shallow strokes and six deep ones.
  • Three shallow strokes and seven deep ones come next.
  • This is followed by two shallow strokes and eight deep ones.
  • Eventually, he should make one shallow stroke and nine deep ones.

Second Taoist Sex Tricks: Injaculation

Male Genitalia and Oral Sex kamasutra.one
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The second Taoist sex trick discuss about Injaculation. According to Tao, men can reverse the ejaculation and sperm re-absorbed into their bodies. Injaculation is made by pressing the Jen-Mo point at the moment before ejaculation. This point is on the perineum. I mean between the anus and the scrotum. The man will continue to feel aroused.

In fact, sensation will be increased due to having slow orgasm. It may even last for up to five minutes. The man will also keep his erection, or regain it fast, and so he is able to continue penetrating for longer. According to Tao principles, his energy will be maintained because his sperm has not been expelled. Do not try injaculation if you have a prostate issue.

How to injaculate

How to injaculate kamasutra.one
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Press your perineum when you are about to ejaculate in order to prevent semen come through the urethra. Don’t apply pressure too close to the anus, because it won’t work. Do you know what will happen, if you press too close to the scrotum? You will send the semen into the bladder.

Third Taoist Sex Tricks: Improving Orgasm

Women Orgasm without penetration
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The Third Taoist sex trick teaches you about Orgasm. According to Tao sexology the female orgasm happens as a series of rising and falling steps. Sensuality is made risen with each rising step, and these steps are called “The Nine Levels Of Orgasm”. Tao believes, majority of men do not understand that there are many stages of female orgasm. During sex, they tend to stop stimulating their partner at around Level Four, and so the woman’s climax is often reduced. Level Nine can be reached jut through continuing stimulation.

Nine levels of orgasm

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Lungs – The woman moan deeply, breathes heavily, and begins to produce more saliva

sticks her tongue in kamasutra.one
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Heart – While she’s kissing her partner, she sticks her tongue in.

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Spleen, Pancreas, and Stomach – she grips him tightly, because her muscles are activated

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Kidneys and Bladder – She starts having vaginal spasms and her juice starts flowing.

bite him kamasutra.one
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Bones – Her body begins to loosen and she could even bite her partner.

Practice peaking orgasm kamasutra.one
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Liver and nerves – She writhes in pleasant pain and tries to round her arms and legs around her partner.

touch every inch of him kamasutra.one
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Blood – Her blood is “boiling” and she tries to touch every inch of her partner.

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Muscles – Her muscles relax. She can show it by biting or grasping her partner’s nipples.

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Entire body – She loses all of her energy. And she is emotionally “opened up”.

These 3 Taoist Sex Tricks might seem simple, but they can improve your sex life. If you have found them useful, comment heart below.