15 Mind-Blowing Oral Massage Techniques

Don’t Rush in sex kamasutra.one
Don’t Rush in sex kamasutra.one

Using your mouth and tongue for intimate massage is a wonderful way to give your full attention to your partner’s body. Oral massage also gives both of you different and intoxicating array of sensations.

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Table of Contents

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This content is no pornographic, it is just for you to give your partner the best sexual pleasure of her/his life, so if you consider it sinful, just close this website and walk away. Because this website does not take any responsibility of what will happen!

Oral Connection

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Kissing, licking, biting, and sucking; your mouth can give an entirely different kind of massage. Oral massage does not need to lead anywhere: giving and receiving without expectation can be enjoyed for its own pleasures. Your mouth is able to give sensitive, subtle pleasure, so let it create a stream of new sensations, guiding your partner toward erotic bliss.

Showing Trust

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Oral massage is one of the most intimate and loving acts you can engage in with your partner. A person can feel exposed and surrendered when allowing another into such close contact, so think of oral massage as an opportunity to express your sensitivity and awareness.

By receiving this massage, you show your trust for your partner by being open to this experience. Oral massage creates a deep connection between two lovers and it can also develop your relationship.

Hygiene For Oral Massage

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You should both have a shower or bath, and clean your teeth before you begin your oral massage. Try to use natural, products with good smell as they are better for your health and have a more natural and appealing scent. You should still be able to smell and enjoy the subtle and aphrodisiac qualities of your partner’s pheromones.

Do What You Enjoy

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In both erotic massage and sexual intercourse, the key is to enjoy yourself. There is no need to force yourself to try something that doesn’t feel good. Some people believe a good lover is one who will “try everything,” but it is essential that both partners take pleasure in what they do together. You and your partner should have fun and be free from the pressure to please.

Spend time together doing the things that you enjoy, and tell your partner what feels good and what doesn’t. Be aware that what you like can change over time, however, so do keep trying new things. Doing a lot of what you enjoy will slowly but surely make you want to try a little bit of something new, and this exploration will be unforced, fun, and pleasurable.

Begin Oral Massage With Kisses

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Before you start an oral massage, try kissing each other’s lips, which is an amazing way to stimulate and sensitize your mouth. Your mouth is full of tiny, eager, and active muscles, and they can be stretched, flexed, and exercised, just like the muscles in other parts of the body.

Kissing first will heat you up. When two people kiss there is an exchange of chemical and tactile information. Both partners will sense and express desire, and begin to respond passionately to each other.

Play 9½ Weeks Movies Game-Kitchen Part

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To create more connection between you, and to set the scene, you may like to use food to add a new dimension to your oral play. Gather together tasty foods that you both enjoy, including a few items that will surprise and amuse your partner. Cream, honey, chocolate sauce, and ice cream are good choices, or squeeze an orange over your partner’s body… use your imagination.

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Feed each other small morsels of delicious food, such as berries or chocolates, or try sharing food mouth-to-mouth with your partner.

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 Or you can even blindfold her and give your partner some food. Pour a small amount of cold light cream on your partner’s warm body for an unusual erotic sensation, then take your time licking it off again, using your tongue to tickle and tease. If you think it’s going to get messy, do this part in the kitchen and then take it to the bedroom or any other place.

Oral Massage For Her

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For most women, oral pleasuring will be more welcome after other massage. Try oral massage after a full body massage, and only, of course, if you both want it. Ease into oral pleasuring seductively by working your way slowly toward your partner’s vagina. But don’t rush!

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This massage is about giving a gift to your partner, so tune into her level of arousal and be guided by it. To help your partner feel sexier and more attractive, take time to remind her how much you are enjoying exploring her body.

Tell her how delicious she tastes, how good she feels to your tongue, and how attractive she looks to you. Stay in the moment, and imagine how it would feel to you to receive this massage.

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Putting yourself in her position can help to bring renewed energy and passion to your massage. Making sure that she knows that there is no agenda will also help her to relax into the massage. Oral massage does not have to lead to intercourse or orgasm; it is an erotic experience that can be enjoyed in its own right. Different areas of the vagina will respond to different touches.

Oral massage without orgasm

Don’t Rush in sex kamasutra.one
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Start with firm, yet slow licks to the inner thighs and outer labia. Continue with licks to the inner labia, but vary the pressure to match your partner’s level of arousal. Light, flicking movements with your tongue are ideal for your partner’s most sensitive areas, such as the clitoris and vagina. Try kisses anywhere you like to give your tongue a rest. Feel free to creative any new oral techniques.

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The mouth is so soft and sensitive that it would be almost impossible to cause discomfort to your partner. Purse your lips and draw the labia into your mouth with a strong, sucking action. Flick fast and delicately over the clitoris with a pointed, snake-like tongue. Have fun and enjoy yourself, and your partner will relax more. Encourage your partner to breathe deeply, allowing herself to make sounds as she breathes out.

Giving her oral pleasure

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Lie so that you are both comfortable. Start with tongue strokes around the upper part of her thighs, moving to the inner thighs. Bring your tongue closer to the outer lips of her vagina, but not touching them. Use your whole mouth to suck the fleshy part of her inner thighs. Gently bite the flesh, making your partner gasp a little.

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Place both your hands on her upper thighs, with your fingers pointing toward her head. Roll her legs outward slightly, and place your mouth gently over her pubic mound. With your mouth wide open, rest your lips on her pubic bone with your lower lip on her vagina. Breathe long, hot breaths into her body. Try humming, too the vibrations feel incredibly erotic.

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Let your tongue lick, press, and explore the outer labia. Delve into the crevices that lie on the outside of the lips, next to the thighs. A few times as a tease, brush her clitoris just using your tongue.

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While continuing to explore with your tongue, bring your fingers and thumbs into the mix. Use your fingers to open the labia, then your tongue to explore inside. Use your thumb to caress and stroke the vaginal area, using this as an opportunity to rest your mouth, and to provide a new erotic sensation.

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Imagine that you are giving a therapeutic massage with your mouth. Picture the vagina with its muscles and imagine that it holds tension, just like any other area of the body. Lovingly massage the outer and inner labia with your tongue and lips. Be fluid and creative. Probe sometimes gently, and at other times with more force and vigor.

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Move gently toward the clitoris, using a range of strokes. Lick with different pressure, and then kiss it. Notice how your partner responds. Move away from the clitoris at times to massage the outer area again.

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Meanwhile, carefully insert a well lubricated finger into her vagina to locate the G-spot (part of the prostate gland). This is found on the front wall of her vagina, directly behind the clitoris. Rub this area gently to simultaneously stimulate your partner’s clitoris and G-spot.

Oral Massage For Him

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After a full body massage, when your partner feels completely relaxed, and with all his senses heightened, you may wish to move toward more intimate areas of his body.

Oral massage without orgasm

Male Genitalia and Oral Sex kamasutra.one

Vary your touches with kisses, licks, and tiny bites. Your mouth is very sensitive, so you will be aware of every touch you make and how it may feel to him. Oral erotic massage has no other aim than to be enjoyed for what it is. There is no need to stimulate your partner to orgasm, nor should he be under any pressure to have one.

You can both enjoy the act and the erotic sensations in their own right. Be aware and sensitive as you approach your partner for oral stimulation; a man can feel vulnerable in his sexuality and exposed when receiving oral massage. Your partner’s penis can be erect or not during this massage.

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If you don’t like the idea of something, try something else, but perform everything you do with positivity. Some areas of the penis will respond to greater pressure than others.

The glans or the head will be more sensitive and will respond to light, subtle caresses from your tongue and lips, while the shaft of the penis will respond to a deeper pressure. Try pursing your lips tightly as you run your mouth up and down. Be as energetic and dynamic as your partner likes while you pleasure him orally.

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Use your hands to stroke his belly, chest, and thighs; this helps to spread the sex energy that is being generated throughout his entire body. If he feels he is about to ejaculate, press your fingers firmly into the perineum, located just under the testicles, and wait for the impulse to subside. Your partner will experience waves of pleasure, lasting as long as you both desire.

Giving him oral pleasure

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Begin the oral massage by stroking the length of your partner’s penis with just your lips. Gently blow cool air onto the whole genital area, with pursed lips. Then blow warm air from your throat. Move down to include your partner’s testicles with your gentle lip-stroking.

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Glide your tongue from the base of the penis up to the head. Use the flat of your tongue, then the tip, varying the pressure as you like. Also vary the motions of your tongue gliding it in a straight line, and side-to-side across the penis.

Take the head of your partner’s penis into your mouth and put a slight pressure on the ring just below the head with your lips. Pulsate your lips in a rhythmic motion. You can add tongue-teasing directly on the glans for extra stimulation, but just check to see if he likes it, as some men are highly sensitive in that area.

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Cradle the whole of his penis with both hands, holding it from underneath. Run your mouth up and down the shaft, as if playing a harmonica. Your mouth can be dry or wet; each will provide a different sensation, so see what you partner likes most. You can add humming for an unusual and erotic sensation as you move back and forth.

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With one hand, hold the base of his penis. Take as much into your mouth as you are comfortable with. Hold firmly, and then lightly. Move your mouth up and down until he reaches orgasm.

A sensitive and seductive oral massage will feel amazing to your partner. Just the change from strong hands and firm massage to gentle, more sensitive licking and probing can create enormous waves of excitement. Give it a try to drive your partner wild.